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Triumph TR6 - Tire Size ? Question

I am new here. A new proud owner of a '74 sapphire blue 6, acquired last week.
I have 3 3,000 mile old Vredestein 185R15 red wall and an old half worn Mechelin Redline. My tire option is either get another Vredestein or buy a new set of high performance tires.
I believe the modern tires are more enjoyable to drive. But there are too many sizes being used.
The car have stock steel wheels,stock spring and stock lever shock. I am looking for some fun driving on winding roads. I want wider tires that come close to the stock tires in diameter, and yet not sticking out or rubbing against the wheel well.

I am considering a few sizes

Anyone have experience on them?
or something better?


I have used the following sizes on a TR6:

185-15 (on stock wheels and 6" wide Panasport)
195/70-15 (on stock wheels and 6" wide Panasport)
205/70-15 (on 6" wide Panasport)
205/50-15 (on stock wheels and 6" wide Panasport)
225/50-15 (on 7" wide Panasport)

The last two were used for autocross, so let's toss them out of the mix for street use. The 205/70 is the closest to the stock 185-15 tire rolling diameter of the bunch above for non-standard fitment tires.

The 205/65 will give about a 4.4% speedo/odo error. This compares to about a 1.3% speedo/odo error for the 205/70 and 3.5% speedo/odo error for the 195/70. In all of these cases, the speedo/odo would be reading on the high side. On to the 215/70 and a 215/65 (a standard size on some Camaro/Firebirds). The 215/70 would have a speedo/odo error of .7% on the low side, while the 215/65 would be 2.4% on the high side. Note that all of these are based upon nominal measurements and that there is some variance in a given size from tire producer to tire producer. I would suggest that you go the producers web site and look up the technical and dimensional data for tires that you may be interested in.

As far as wheel width, the 205 widths are fine on the stock 5.5" wide wheel, the 215 widths are pushing the envelope, too wide in my opinion for the stock wheels. I would not even consider putting 225 widths on anything less than 7" wide. For a cross section difference (205 vs. 225) on the tire, note that the "comfort level" wheel width took a jump of 1.5" or 38 mm.

From a tire fender clearance standpoint, I have seen the 215/65-15 used and on some cars there was a clearance issue between the fender lip and the tire, on others there was not. It really seemed to boil down to the specific tire, the wheel used, the car's alignment settings and how hard the car was driven. Never used a 215 width tire on a TR6 myself though, so have no first hand experience. As stated above, I don't have a warm fuzzy on this size for 5.5" wheels, so if you go this route, suggest that you find a 215 that is on the narrow side.

My own choice for regular street use is a Michelin 205/70-15 on 6" Panasports.

your only choice is 205/70R15 there are a couple of HR and VR rated tires in this size. Clearence is fine except for a hard left turn in my car. If I have a full lock turn ie in parking then the right tire rubs against the sway bar. Under normal driving this is not an issue.

195/75R15 also will give you the same diameter but generally they are no performance ratings in any of this size.

215 size will give you rubbing problems in the rear.

I run a set of Yokohama's H rated with an aggressive tread that is very sticky.

You also could get a set of Cocker redlines in the right size, but at over $300 per tire it is not for a Porsche or Ferrari would be cheaper!

Hi, Steven,

Are you running Yoko Avid T4 ?
Will 205/65R15, with a slightly smaller diameter, eliminate the rub in full lock?


I agree that the 205/70 is your best bet. IMHO though I wouldn't limit yourself to VR/HR ratings as S or T is all that is necessary for largely stock TR's. I couldn't imagine running a street TR6 at the levels the VR/HR tires are designed for.

Rick O
72 TR-6 (w/Goodyear Aquatred 3's)
Rick Orthen

I'm running Pirelli P4000 215/70 ZR15 with no rubbing and no clearance problems.

However, the 215's are too big for the stock rims. Like riding on a set of balloon's.

For a track setup, Richard Good of goodparts was telling me about how he uses 7" wheels:

Richard says:

I like my 215/60-15's on 7" rims. I was not able to fit 225/60's. They
would hit the fenders. This is not really due to lowering since the
tires will go up past the lip of the fender even at stock height. If you
are using a 6" rim I would suggest a narrower tire to fit the rim. Maybe
a 205/65.

If using a 7" rim you want "0" offset. You will have to grind the outer
ends of the upper control arms and install a shorter outer bolt in the
upper ball joint to clear the rim. You could use a 1/8" spacer (or try
to find wheels with a 1/8" offset) but then you might get in trouble
with the fenders. My tires are VERY close when the suspension bumps up
but never hit. I have the upper control arm pivots reversed to pull the
control arms inward 1/4".

Pretty radical stuff.

I'm thinking of using 16" panasports and 60 series tires with Richards 1" lowered springs.

73 5 Speed.
John Parfitt

Here's a guy that used 215/60/16's.

I run Perelli P6000 215/65/15 on Panasport 15"x6" mags.
No rubing, no problems. However, I'm pretty sure there
is no rubing because everything is new, springs,shocks
(coil over conversion) and poly bushsings. I would not
try this tire without a new setup. But it sure is great having that much rubber on the road.
I push it a bit sometimes so appreciate the extra holding, but you won't go wrong with 205/70 15.
Christopher Trace

Hi, guys
Thank you very much for your support
I ended up ordering a set of 205/65R15, and new Koni shocks , heavy duty lavers, uprated springs and nylatron bushings front and back. no money left for panasports. It's always nice to have something to dream about.
Now I have 3 (3000 miles old) Vedrestein 185R15 tires for sale, and I guess it is better served to start a new thread when they are replaced.



Did you wind up going with the Avid T4? Have a set of those in a 205/55-15 on 6" Panasports for the wife's daily driver econobox hot rod. Nice tires as far as stick goes and seem to be holding up better than I expected given the wear rating and the grip level in both dry and wet (not to mention the fact that she drives the p*$$ out of it). Ride isn't too bad either considering the shoulder height, quite too with no singing from the rain siping.

No, I got the AVS dbs2 for $20 extra per. Hope they are quieter as they claim.


I recently got a heck of a deal on a set of Remington Touring XT-120, 195/65-15's. I have clocked my speed alongside of a couple of other cars and seem to be very close to my indicated speedo reading. I'm sure that tire diameter is very close to correct.
I have never used or heard of Remington before. Does anyone know their history?
I'm running them at 22 lbs front and 24 lbs rear. The ride is firm, cornering is presise - no squeal - and the grip is good. Go figure!
Steve Crosby

Just bought coker classic 185R/15 red lines which
look just like the michelin x red lines for $114.
each. These are the best looking tire for the
TR6 for normal street driving. These tires are
also tubeless. I dont know where Steven got
$300. even canadian

I finally gave in to desire and put on the panasport 16 by 7 wheels. I thought a lot about tire size and eventually went with 215 60 16 Hankook tires tires which I ordered from tirerack in the States ($52 us/ tire). Nothing available locally that comes close to performance level of these tires or their price!

My car is lowered with uprated springs and I was concerned about rubbing but havent had any problems. Fit is great and fills up the wheel well nicely -overall a very good improvement in handling and looks.


Sounds like the logical choice going with the 16" allowing the use of 60 series tires for great handling.

Who's springs did you use. I'm thinking of this combo with Richard Goods springs.

John Parfitt
73 5speed.
John Parfitt

When I needed to get tires about 5-6 years ago I checked out their prices for the redlines and they were extremely expensive

I went back to the site and checked it out and the price for a Michelin X is now $170 which is $238 CDN a I was off $68 a tire. The $300 I was quoting was in $CDN and now that the exchange rate is better and their prices are a bit lower they are a bit more affordable but still are pretty expensive.


Hi John,
I used Goodparts uprated lowering springs. Very happy with them - the car sits lower which looks real good but they can be a fairly stiff ride when the pavement isnt smooth.


Just setup my 74 Magenta TR6 with:

15 x 5.5 Silver Minilite Alloy Wheels
205/75-15 Michelin Harmony's

Picked the Harmony because (technically) they have the same diameter as the Redlines. They are also (technically) a half inch wider in the section width than the Redlines so I should be able to fit my Minilite/Harmony spare into the boot with out too much trouble.

The 6 looks pretty sharp!

Good luck,

Don Vinton

here is a website to compare the sizes, enter the size and it will give you sidewall height, radius, diameter,circumference, revs/mile

I read somewhere a while ago that the michelin redlines were actually a 78 profile rather than an 80

What is the back spacing on your panasports? where did you get them?

Hi Steve,
Not sure what the backspacing is but the offset is zero so the difference in width of the rim is split between the outer and inner side. I guess you could calculate backspacing by adding 1/2 the extra rim width of the panasport to the stock TR measurement.

I got them from Paul Spruell co- simply the least expensive place I could find and a very very professional shop to deal with. TRF has them on sale occasionally but even their sale price is still more expensive plus you have to deal with, in what has been in my experience, really poor customer service. Hard to beat the smooth ride of a really well made wheel!

Good tire size calculator. I see now that I am mistaken about my speed error. No wonder the car feels better at 100kph - it's only doing 94kph. I'm going to have to have a word with those guys that "helped" me clock my speed. I also see why I got "such a deal". I do however like the lower profile look of my cheap tires. It appears that the "correct" tire size is closer to 195/75-15.
Steve Crosby

Is it my imagination, or do all Steves get anal about their tires? Just a joke, don't flame me..hehe.

'cause I'm anaaaal, anal retentive!*

*from the refrain of "Anal Retentive" by Darryl Rhodes

Can't speak for all Steves, but the way I see it no matter what you have done to trick out the car, you only touch the pavement (unless you screw up very badly) through that little contact patch at each of the four tires.


Finally everything is ready, and it will get a 4 wheel
alignment tomorrow.
One thing leads into another. First discovered a going bad axel U-joint, than differential front seal, cracked diff. bushings and all those times waiting for parts. I am thankful it's still in July!
I ended up picking 205/65-15 tires, will let you all know the result after the alignment.
Thank you all for the support
You guys are great

Ha! Welcome, Paddy, to the TR6 parts exchange club - it comes with ownership. On the bright side you shouldn't have to worry about those parts for many years. Good driving to ya, and to paraphrase, kinda, may your 4 patches stick to the road.

Brent B

Diamond Back Classics sells a Red Line 205/70 tire. You have a choice of a Firestone Supreme or a Dayton model as the base. Then they put the Red Stripe on using some method. Don't know much else but they did respond very quickly when I sent them an email asking them about TR6 tires. If anyone has any expierence with this company(good or bad) I would appreciate their feeddback. Seems like they have been around a long time if that is any indication. Not sure of the price, I haven't gotten that far yet.

73 TR6 Ivory White

If anyone is interested I have an almost new set of steel belted Uniroyal redlines Tiger Paws 205 60 15's. They have 858 miles on them. The tires were a limited edition batch that Uniroyal put out and I believe I purchased the last set from a dealer in Portland Oregon.

They give the TR6 a low wide look. I have a concourse TR6 and bought a set of 205 70 15's for correctness.

I would like to get $350 for the set, I thought I would throw the offer out there before I put them on E-Bay.



HEMED now the time we should all be politically correct, or should we let 'em have it? And I haven't lost sight of the fact that nothing he's looking for will fit in a TR6. Including his flea-infested backside.

Rod Nichols


I think this is where are polite to strangers, like our mothers taught us.

Tim Brand

I think the shipping to Yemen might set this guy back a bit.
D Hasara

Dear Hemed,

We speak english on this board.

John Parfitt

No rubbing from my new Yokohama DbS2 205/65-15.
Also I want to sell 3 Vredestein redwall tire about 3,000 mile old. They still have the little stubs. $150 for the three. Send me an email if you're interested.
Paddy Kan

What ever happened to the 195/65-15's? from associated tire manufactures web sites it seems there are wider selections that still offer looks, comfort, selection and price. Am most interested in Canada summer environment (65-85)temperatures

74 TR6 BRG
Norman Owen

Anybody gone extreme and put on 17 X 7" rims on the TR6? I think a 215/65/17 is the same overall diameter, but the section width is considerably wider....I was wondering if playing with the offsets would help with the potential clearance problem.I think the large wheel look of the car is the most endearing aspect of the car's profile and think if 17" could somehow be made to would look awesome.

How about 16X6 Center-Lock Minilites, anyone know if these are availible?

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