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Triumph TR6 - tire size

will bridgestone eager tires size 215 65 15 fit a stock 76 tr6 without problems?
jack hinerman

Jack, I run 205/70-15 with no problems on a 72 with stock suspension. If memory serves me correctly there are members running that size, if you haven't signed up you should gives you access to topics such as this thru the archives. There probably is 30 threads on this subject alone. Also check there is a link to a tire sizing site for TR6 specific.

I am running 215/65 Dunlops Sport A2's and haven't had any problems. I do have slightly stiffer, mild competition springs which may make a difference, especially in the rear. And I don't push the car too hard.


215's are bit big. Mine are 215/70 ZR 15 and are a bit big for the stock TR6 wheel. Mine rub slightly at full lock in reverse - no big deal really. But I'd go 205's next time.

John Parfitt
73 5 speed.
John Parfitt

I found this site useful re:tire size & differences between the diff. aspect ratios.

I was going to try some 215/65-15's. They are very close to the height of the oem tires.

Aivars Berzins
Aivars Berzins

Jack--I have 205-70's and recommend this as the max width/profile for a few reasons: possible interferences with suspension, speedo error (if you care about that), and excessive fender-tire gap. I had plenty of opportunity to see a all tire selections at British Car Day in Pittsburgh last Saturday and noted both 205-70 and 215-65/60 sizes. The 215's indeed looked out of proportion and the fender gap was weird looking on a few of them. Suppose you could swap lowered springs to deal with that though.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

jack hinerman

Ya, I would have preferred to get a 205/70 since they are closer to the stock diameter of a 185/78, but the Dunlops I wanted (and were on sale), didn't come in that size. 215/65 is a little smaller in diameter by 7.5 mm, and wider by 10 mm. Personally, I can't see the difference, but this may depend on the tire.

Jack, I run Pirelli P6000 215 65 15
and have problems.
Christopher Trace

I have Michelin 185HR15 mounted does anyone know the height/width ratio of this tire.
The calculator does not recognise this type, the Michelin site gives no measurements for this tire

E. Creyghton

the aspect ratio of the original Michelin 185HR15 was a 78 aspect ratio

Jack, Sorry!!!!
I have had NO problems with 215 65 15 tires.
That's what you get from typing in a coment and not re-reading it before clicking submit.
Christopher Trace

This thread was discussed between 21/07/2003 and 28/07/2003

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