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Triumph TR6 - Tired Lucas Alternator

What's the most common (upgrade) replacement out there these days that will be a simple swap without any modifications to the existing wiring, brackets, belts, pully system, ect...
DWS Smith

Also depends on year of car
Do a search on Bosch and Alt.
Rod's done the changeover, prolly others too.

I've got the GM in mine . Bigger but more work ,if I recall.
Don Kelly

DWS Try this link!
Joe S

Paul's is a great site for that. I think he over paid the alternator though.
Don Kelly

Yikes... 95 amp... Looks like they offer 55,65,75 and 95 amp options. I think I am currently at 34 amps. Any Idea on how high to go? They also go up in price along with the amps... I now have an electric fuel pump and the Lucas style additional driving lights drawing power...
DWS Smith

The Bosch 55 is plenty for what you got.
If your running heated seats and computers, than you might want the big boy
Don Kelly

Sounds good Don... Thank you...
DWS Smith

As it turns out the 75 amp unit is priced the same as the 55 so I went with the 75. If anyone goes the BNR route be sure to let them know what size pully you are running. They for some reason by default have the 3/8" pulley so in my case I simply requested the pulley for the 1/2" belt and they set it up with no charge...
DWS Smith

Thought that was a Railroad
Don Kelly

The company is BNR parts out of Van Nuys, CA..
However, I felt I got railroaded a bit on the price...
DWS Smith

This thread was discussed between 16/11/2011 and 26/11/2011

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