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Triumph TR6 - TIRES for TR6- same old...

Tires for a 76' TR6- same old question but new for me.

Just 3 weeks into owning a TR6 and looking to replace the old (perhaps original) 185 HR 15 XVS tires before taking to the road.

I won't be using Red Lines but favour a more modern design. For road use only. Does anyone out in North America TR country have experience with Dunlops, Continental or other easilly obtainable size matches (205/70 SR15) ? Expensive exotics aren't needed.
I would like to hear from you.

Tony in Alberta Canada
Tony in Alberta

I have been running Michelin Harmony 205/70/15, on 15x6 Revolution alloys. Reversing at left hard lock (out the driveway) will occasionally rub. The tires have good traction, excellent in the wet, and ride well....I don't think tire noise is an issue, as the exhaust pretty much drowns it out! I might suggest calling the Tire Rack, give them the wheel size, and application, they could provide a few options. OR...(here goes the advert) register as a member to access the archives as there have been several threads on this subject.
happy moToRing!
Rod Nichols

Hi Tony,
I bought Dunlop Axiom Plus tires about three years ago. They're redlines but I can't remember what the size is but I think they are 205's. They are tubless I put them on my stock rims and have been great.
John Cline

I just installed Goodyear Assurance Triple Treads (205/70/15). They are a huge improvement over the Michilin Redlines they replaced. The aggressive tread design looks great. I noticed a slight rub on the front wheel well on full lock turn coming out of the driveway, otherwise the fit is great. Slowing down solved that problem. Also, I have the Moss rear shock tower conversion kit installed. Moss says to go no wider than 195's but the 205's fit fine with plenty or clearance. Good luck.
Mark Hauck


I've been using Yokohama 372 All Season P195/75R15 94S and have been very satisfied.


SF Remington

This thread was discussed between 17/04/2005 and 01/05/2005

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