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Triumph TR6 - Tools

Since my experience with cars has always been mainly with Mercedes-Benz, the only tools in my chest are metric. I'm looking to purchase a set of SAE wrenches, etc..and was just wondering what sizes are most needed on a TR. I don't have a problem buying a big set (it's always nice to have the right tools!) so if you all think a big wrench set would be wise, chime in please. Also, does anyone on the board know of Blackhawk tools? I think they're English. I wanted to get some British made tools to work on my British car.

Aaron '76 TR6

For items needing regular maintenance , air cleaners, valve adjustment, alternator belt tension, brake bleeding, plus many other tasks, you could get away with a basic set of sockets and "spanners".
The most-used sizes are 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, and if you want to remove cylinder head 11/16.

Simple cars and simple tools for most stuff- if you want to work on interior trim a couple of Posi-drive screwdrivers, Phillips will do but are not the same tip profile and don't grip as well.
Have fun, Simon.
Simon Rasmussen

As it happens, Blackhawk Tools are now sold by Stanley.

There was a time when Blackhawk was a separate company but no longer it seems.

I have some Blackhawk tools from days gone by. Sturdy, not pretty, but sturdy.

Jim Deatsch

Yeh, you don't need many, though I did bring back a set of Posi's (screwdrivers) as they are now called, from the UK this summer and they really do make a difference, far superior to phillips as they don't want to eject themselves all the time, and they are a dead fit.I too have some old, indestructible 'Blackhawks'.Nut drivers of 5/16 & 3/8, combinations and sockets 7/16 thru 11/16 and except for the big bugger crank nut, (1 5/16, I think) will cover everything on the car.Oh, and 7/8 for the lug nuts. Peter
Peter Gooch

Be sure and get two 1/2" & 9/16" wrenches.
Brent B

I've been looking for years now for some posi screwdrivers, thus far without luck. Anybody know of an online source? And which sizes would one be likely to need?
A. J. Koschinsky

AJ, don't know an online source, though there probably is one. Try any British' h/ware store as Pozi is available everywhere in the UK. I'll find out where I got mine and post the results. I got a set as the sizes on the car range from small to quite large, such as door latches. You will be a bit amazed by the difference between Philips and Pozi. Peter
Peter Gooch

What pray tell are Pozis? Are they the funky ones that look kind of like Phillips heads?
JL Bryan

AJ and JL
First off JL,Yes, Posidriv (correct spelling) is a "funky" phillips. In the flute of the drive (and screw) is an extra tinny little flute. A posidriv bit is not common to say the least. If you use a phillips screwdriver to tighten a posidriv screw you will strip the screw. Take a look at the screws on your carb dash pots...they are posidriv.

AJ, I picked up a set at Car Quest....magnet insert bits. You will probably have to have them order them in. It (they) are in one of their supplier books. As in phillips, there are 3 sizes. Also at crappy tire, there is a set of different bits and I have seen posidriv in one of the sets.
Rick Crawford

Can't you grind the tip of a Phillips head flat and essentially make it a Posidrive?
Brent B

Thanks for the info. Since posting my question, I did some googling and it looks like the magnetic insert bits are the only way to get Pozidriv here. I was hoping to get some actual screwdrivers just because I prefer the feel of them and they have less of a tendancy to go AWOL from my toolbox.

These screws are less of an issue now since most had been butchered by the PO, and those that were only injured were finished off by me and replaced with Phillips over the years. But there are still a few left, and as I work on my cars lately I find myself more inclined to want to do things correctly instead of just bodging things together. I remember my Dad was like that too when he got older.

The Princess Auto catalogue lists a couple of bit sets with Pozi's in 3 sizes. I'll check out the store this weekend.

A. J. Koschinsky

Hi Tony

Don't know if your still around but I checked mine and there a Vaco brand. Made by Klien tools. An electronics store ordered for me years ago. About a week and no great cost. Phone around find someone who sells Vaco. Or flag down your Snap on truck. They have them in full drivers but pricey.

Heres a websight with the drivers US though.

Bill Brayford

Here this is easier go to this page and distributors on the left. Put in your postal code and it will give you all the locals. I have 4 within a mile of me?
Bill Brayford

Thanks, Bill. It looks like Acklands and the ubiquitous Home Despot are distributors and should be able to order them in.

A. J. Koschinsky

Not my first choice since I think I spent about $2.00 each for the magnet bits. The flute is an EXTRA flute so you would have to ADD it to a philips bit.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick, Posidrive was the original name, but not any more.Everywhere I went in the UK, they were universally called Pozi's. I got a comprehensive set, from very small to very large, to cover anything on the car, and there is no extra 'flute'as you call it, it is simply NOT tapered, and is a dead fit, so has a far more postive drive, hence the name. Peter
Peter Gooch

I got some a the local Sears a few years ago - they came with a much large set of screwdrivers, but if you have a tool catalog, you can order them separately.
R.C. Blair

Actually, I discovered I have a set of those Pozis in my tool kit--I always wondered what the hell they were! John.
JL Bryan

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