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Triumph TR6 - Too 'Rich'

My 71 TR6 has been running very "Rich"......decided I really needed to get it fixed.

Put it in the shop for a "tune up" which included
adjusting the valves, timing, carbs. etc. etc.
The car has a Crane ignition and the carbs were completely rebuilt 6 months ago by Apple Hydraulics
in hopes of fixing the too "rich" issue. Did not work.
Vaccuum is good at 15 inches, compression all checks out between 45 an 48 on all cylinders.

After working through all of this, the carbs will not lean out, changed to high altitude help.

Did find a problem.....the fuel pump is producing 4 1/2
lbs of pressure, I should not have more than 2 1/2.
The Fuel pump is new, Moss# 377-061.

Put a fuel regulating valve on and the carbs leaned out. Question is, should I accept this "ugly" fix.
Is excessive fuel pressure common? Any other ideas to
fix this issue? Thanks

The problem, then, is that the float chamber needle valves can't seal off properly with the high fuel pressure so the bowl overfills. Two suggestions:
You could try using Grose Jets in place of regular needle valves - in my experience they seem to seal better.
Increase the "float height" to 0.75" per the normal adjustment procedure. This will increase the closing force on the jet.
Brent B

And what's wrong with a pressure regulator, if it's what works. All carbs work on basic physics. Previous post is correct.But if what you have done, works, leave it alone. Peter. (If it works, don't fix it, If it does'nt work, whatever works to fix it, is correct).
Peter Gooch

This thread was discussed between 23/04/2003 and 24/04/2003

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