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Triumph TR6 - tough times finally got me

Like the title says, the times have finally hit me. My question is what the my TR6 worth? its pretty much a halfway wired body with the engine and tranny out. Its a 74' what do you guys think it could sell for? I know im going to be taking a loss here because of the new stuff that in it, im just running out of options. Thanks guys
SBF Fitzgerald

Well, that sounds familiar
Is the body newly painted?

just the engine bay. thinking about it, i can prob part it out and make off better
SBF Fitzgerald

Sorry to hear

You might get $1000-4000 for a partially built TR6 depending upon condition and what new parts you can convince the buyer to pay for.

A shame to part it out though if you have a full car that needs some TLC. But every TR6 given up for parts increases the value of others still on the road.

Good luck

Michael Petryschuk

I don't know, I've been there before and think about how far the money will really get me? vs the enjoyment I get out of tinkering on the car. I could see if you were sitting on an XKE that in rough shape could net some fairly big number but a TR6 in non running shape doesn't fetch much in this economy. If it's just non-funds to keep the project afloat then just cover her up till better times if you have to put food on the table then maybe sell a few of the new parts on e-bay and keep the car as a whole till better times. Tough decision my friend and I wish better times for you and all in contracts up for renewal this summer so I'm on pin's and needles. My TR6 and XJS could be next up....gotta get my first into college.
JT White

I'm in the same boat with my 76 Spitfire. I love that car. I hauled it over 800 miles on a U-Haul trailor. Over ten years I pored blood, sweat, and tears into it. It's really a bit of a mongrel, even though it's titled as a 76, it has a body from 73, and a 71 1300 engine. It does have the late single rail gearbox. The problem is I made the mistake of driving it year round, and in Ohio that means salt. Both sills and the drivers floor rusted out so fast I couldn't believe it. I was going to get another body shell from Team Triumph in Warren, Ohio but then I spun a bearing. Still undaunted I bought a new 10/10 crank for the 1300 from Rimmer Bros and rebuilt the bottom end. Unfortunatly Rimmer sent me a 1500 crank by mistake. I didn't notice this until I went to put the flywheel on, and by then it was too late. I do have a 1500 block and head but now I have the TR6 and the Spit has to go. The car has some excellent parts such as a weber dgv, and a ss big bore exhaust with a 4-2-1 header. It has a mallory electronic ignition and an oversized radiator. It has a new alternator. It has a newer brake master cylinder and clutch slave, it has a new 3 piece clutch. The diff was rebuilt before I bought it and is still good. It has a factory hard top and a new convertable top. Also going with the car is the title and tags for a 72 GT6 that I had to break for parts, with a gt6 block, cylinder head, gearbox, and diff, a gt6 bonnet, and doors with excellent quarter windows. I also have the rear hatch with good glass. I'm thinking 950.00 is fair, maybe someone could use the parts, I know I could use the money
Brett Evans

SBF - Depending on your situation, you may just want to push it off in the corner for another day. On the other hand, the area you live in has a great deal of TR6 enthusiats and if you market the car correctly and take your time you may do better than you think. If your body, frame and driveline are solid but simply not together the car is worth something to the right person. There are alot of guys in that area with TR's that have rotted frames and body's that would love to get their arms around a solid project car.
DWS Smith

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