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Triumph TR6 - Toyota 5 Speed Conversion

I've searched the archives so I know that there are many posts about stuffing a W58 Toyota 5 speed transmission into the TR6 with Herman van der acker's conversion kit.

I've sourced a late model (1990 non-turbo Supra) Steel Sandwich plate W58 transmission (finally). Herman advises that I'll need to move the shifter forward a few inches and that's done with Toyota Part Number 33502-14100, shifter dog change out. My question here is has anyone done this? Changed out the shifter mechanism for this modification? If so, I'd very much like to hear your story of the change out and photos if available of the operation. Did you get the part from a Toyota dealer or secondary vendor. OEM is about 25% higher than after market on this part. Just want to make sure that I get a MADE IN JAPAN part rather than one that says Hecho in CHINA!!

Some have alluded to drive shaft issues even when combinec with the Nissan R200 Differential. Would anyone care to comment on what issues arose with the drive shaft.

Thanks much. Yeah, I know Don Kelly, you're way ahead of me!!
Doug Baker

Have you bought Hermann's kit already?

Not yet Don but I've had email exchanges and phone conversations. No commitment yet.
Doug Baker

Hermann's kit is a very good one,
I would suggest a couple of just as good ones that are closed to you

db, I would suggest contacting Richard Good on the driveshaft question. Could be wrong on this but in the back of my mind I recall him addressing this previously.

Don, I know there are some conversions out there using a Ford Sierra box, but about all I know about them. No idea as to gear sets, how it's adapted to the TR, etc. What can you tell us about the conversions you've alluded to?

What I was alluding to that there are others beside the Hermann's
His is a great kit and one of the first.
There are a couple of people doing the Ford box and also others doing the Supra conversion
Has he looked at all the others.

It's a shame
One of the better conversions is not being done anymore
The Dupont T5
He's retiring

Don, I'd like to see some additional information. How about some links to the different Ford Sierra conversions and to those other Toyota conversions you mention?

Yeah Don, don't be cryptic. What are the other conversion kits and are they less expensive, easier to install, more reliable /etc than Herman's?
Doug Baker

Gees, It's not like I got a 6 anymore. You're making me dig deep
Off the top here is one

Need to do some more digging

Oh yea, there's Quantum Mechanics

Still thinking

This thread was discussed between 09/04/2014 and 10/04/2014

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