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Triumph TR6 - TR 6 Exhaust


Do anybody has experience with the twin oval muufler stainless steel exhaust system that is been made by Falcon and sold by TRF. How does it perform? How loud it is? Which header should it be used ;long or short.

E Melendez

Ricardo, when I decided to take my car down for some extensive work, one of the decisions was what to do regarding the exhaust system. I decided to go with this same exhaust system. It has not been installed at this point as the car is still apart. However, I can tell you that I expect it to be on the loud side. Is it a rather straight shot through that muffler with some very minor baffling due to the flow angle and ceramic batting behind a porous inner shield, i.e. your basic glass pack but done in stainless instead of mild steel. It has been test fitted and I can report that the fit is good with all of the stock rear suspension and drive line parts. If you are running a low mount rear anti-roll bar such as the one from ADDCO, you might have a problem there, but it looks like that can be taken out by shimming the anti-roll bar mounts. Also watch the fuel line where it exits the tank and joins up along the frame rail. It looks like that will need a little bending as I thought it was a bit too close for my comfort, a very minor tweak.

As for headers, I don't really like headers on street cars. This is especially true of the TR5/250/6 family. There is minimal clearance between the frame rail and the headers (regardless of source it seems) and these cars have some rather cheesy motor mounts. The least little bit of motor mount collapse will put headers into the frame rail and you suddenly have a set of broken headers. Save the headers for race cars.

You do not state the year of your TR6, but I would recommend that you run the twin downpipe stock manifold with this particular system. If your car has the early single downpipe manifold, you will need to source one of the later manifolds. As far as I know only the later twinpipe manifolds set up for air injection are available new. You can either use this late style twin downpipe manifold and plug the air injection ports or find a used earlier twin downpipe manifold. This is where ebay and UK sources are in a better position to help you if you do not have a local source of used British car parts.

As far as performance goes, we did some modeling and determined (in the model at least) that a single pipe system with a larger diameter would make slightly more power. This matches the anecdotal evidence and and ties in with Kastner's dyno testng from when he was building racers. However that difference was still small and odds are that you would never really feel it in the operating regime of a street car. Taking that into account and the fact that I always liked the look of the twin pipes coming straight out the back on the TR4s, I elected to go with this twin pipe system for my TR6.

I like it. Bit difficult to fit and I am not happy with the look yet. Hard to get both sides at the same height and distance from the body. My body shop guy says that I will have staining from the exhaust but I don't like the look if not close to the body. I don't think they are too loud. I am 50 and my son says it sounds cool. Who knows if it is too loud for other drivers. Bound to be longer lasting than the previous three standard sets I have gone through.
Dick Porter

Ricardo--Here's your ticket to an extremely rare and desirable twin pipe exhaust:

Trust me on this one.

Rick O.
'72 TR6
Rick Orthen

If you have a '71 or older TR6 you can use an exhaust manifold from the later pre-air injection models. The manifold with the air injection ports will not work with the early intake manifold. I converted my '71 to a double outlet stock manifold with a Falcon SS stock type muffler.
With my engine modifications I wanted it to breath better but didn't want the headaches involved in installing a tubular header. It sounds fine to me-not too loud, but with a purposeful roar on acceleration. If yours is a '72 or later you already have a twin outlet manifold. The ANSA system would be a great alternative to the stock system.
Mike C
Mike Crane

Hi Mike-The later twin pipe manifold with the air injection ports can be used with the early intake manifold, but require some grinding of the port bosses to prevent interference with the intake manifold. Given a choice, it would be easier to use the pre-air injection exhaust manifold.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Ricardo, I have the twin exhaust. Somebody put it on before I got my 71 TR6, and I haven't ever bothered to figure out what make it is.

It is very, very loud! It sounds great, however.

The only flaw I can see, and this is common on TR6's, is that the exhaust fumes seem to get sucked back into the cockpit. I really hate that, but it hasn't been enough bother to try to solve it.

John, from the land of many hurricanes!
JL Bryan

I am surprised you have not figured out how to eliminate the exhaust fumes..........

Drive faster!

Ok all kiding aside, I have absolutely no exhaust fume odor from my '71 stock system. Not sure if there is odor if top up and rear window un-zipped...not driven her this way yet.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick, mine is with the top down. They are pretty strong and I can't figure out exactly where they are coming from.

JL Bryan

Like you said it gets sucked back into the cockpit and I would hazzard a guess more so with a monza exhaust system as compared to stock. Simply because your tips are closer to the center of the car where more air gets sucked back to the cockpit. Also our "flat" rear ends contribute to this effect.
We up here in the land of cold see this every year in the winter months. The condensing exhaust "swirles" around on the back of cars...more so on flatter rear ended cars like mini-vans.

A cure for you might be to install a wind deflector just behind the back of the know what I mean.

As a second thought: The '71 has an emissions tank (TRF PLATE AR5) mounted boot, right side, behind the trunk trim pannel. I have heard of them gewtting full of crap gas (smells bad:) and rusting out. If you open the boot do you have a strong smell of gas? The emissions tank may be OK but maybe one of the plastic lines is off or broken. Also the '71 (part of '71 production) has a different "piping" system of emissions hoses connected to the gas tank. There are 3 connection points for the emission lines to the gas tank. Maybe one of these is broken/off?? Your '71 might not have this "unique" set was only a short period of production....but you still have connections to the gas tank..not to mention the plastic emissions line runs around the entire boot up to end of '71!!

Just some thoughts.

John, just curious, do you have the "extra" little reflectors under the tail lights?? Very unique to early '71.

Rick C
Rick Crawford

so where do you find an ANSA system for 76 TR6? have looked on line and they have lots of systems, just not for TR6? David

David, Kai Radicke(Wishbone Classics) Has recently stated that he had a couple of ANSA systems left. John.
john eckland

David--John is correct. Contact Kai at

Kai won't be letting an Ansa go for the $399 ebaY steal a couple of weeks ago though. And justifiably so!

Rick O.
72 TR6 (w/Ansa)
Rick Orthen


I have a'74 with the Ansa system. I also have a problem with exhaust fumes in the cockpit. Even with the top down, my clothes smell like exhaust after a day of driving. Debating on whether to go back to the stock exhaust system.

DL Harding

I doubt the Ansa pipes are responsible for the problem. I have them on my '73 and get NO exhaust smell in the cockpit at all. Maybe you have a leak at the pipe to exhaust manifold connection.

The only time my car was smelly was when I had the valve cover breather hose routed directly to a can instead of the carbs. Jeez - it hurt to work on the engine with it idling then... Since putting a baffle over the outlet in the aftermarket VC the hoses have been hooked back to the carbs and all smell is gone.

Brent B


I have tried everything. I have replaced the C clamps with band clamps. Welded the sytem together. Moved the exhaust pipes forwards and backwards. All in an attempt to cure the exhaust issue. Are you running the stock exhaust manifold or a header?

DL Harding

Derek--I too have the Ansa but with no cockpit fumes. I'd check that your gearbox tunnel is sealed properly to the floor and your manifold connections to the head and downpipe are secure.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen


That makes sense. I will look at those seals this weekend. Thanks.

DL Harding

Derek - It is the stock twin pipe manifold.
Brent B

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