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Triumph TR6 - TR-6 Frame and striping kit questions

I am restoring my 1975 TR-6 and have a couple of questions.

I have read that TR-6 frames are notorious for rusting. I have not been told by anyone who has inspected my TR-6 that the frame is rusting, but I keep reading that there is a good chance that it might be. I have the interior of my TR completely removed and now would be the time to get the repair work done if I have a problem. I have found a place in Ohio that repairs rusted frames (Triumph Works) that I have heard very good things about. However, I do not want to transport my TR-6 500 miles only to find out that my frame is okay. My question is: If I take my car to a reputable garage(not necessarily an import shop) would they be able to recognize if I have this problem if it is someone who does not regualrly repair Triumphs? Is there anything I can tell them to look for to help make a determination if my frame is okay?. Any advise on this issue would be appreciated.

My next question is concerning the striping on my TR-6. I just had the car repainted and purchased a new striping kit from the Roadster Factory. When I got my car back from the paint shop, it seems that the stripes that come from the tailight towards the door do not line up with the stripes that are to the left of the wheel well. If they are not lined up properly I want to purchase another set and get them installed properly. Does anyone have a good picture of the stripes on their TR-6 that I can look at to help me decide if mine were installed properly? The striping guy at the paint shop swears that this is how they should be.

Thanks for any help you can give me on either of these issues.

Hamp Lindsey
Spartanburg, SC
H Lindsey

Look at
This company in Columbia has restored all kinds of British cars. Plus, it's not far from Spartanburg.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Hi Hamp

Put the car on stands and take a look at the trailing arm mounting points on the frame.

Or take it to the garage and have them do it. Rust problems or repairs in that area are obvious. If there has been capping? Look at the mounting area and center section near driveshaft. If there are no problems in either spot the rest of the frame is almost always OK.

Bill Brayford

Thanks Bill.

H Lindsey

This thread was discussed between 29/06/2004 and 01/07/2004

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