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Triumph TR6 - TR-6 Rear end Sag

I have a 1974 TR-6. The rear drivers side sits about 2 inches lower than the rear passenger side.I have replaced rear springs and I can't see any problems with the mounting brackets for the rear suspension. I haven't yet inspected the rear shocks. Any Ideas would certainly be appreciated.
Dave A.
Dave Anderson

If one of the mounting brackets were installed upside down, or the brackets were mixed up by a DPO, a drastic change in ride height could occur.

This site has what you need to know to check the orientation of the trailing arm brackets:

Good luck!

A. J. Koschinsky

Shocks won't affect ride height.Springs, mounts, and or frame problems are the culprit.
Gene Holtzclaw

You have said nothing about the camber of the rear wheels. Are both wheels relatively upright or is one sloped in or out at the top much more than the other? From a trailing arm bracket standpoint, the baseline trailing arm bracket set up from the factory on your car would have been one notch brackets at the outer pivot and a three notch brackets for the inner pivot. In both cases the notch orientation would be up. (Earlier cars were one notch for inner and two notch for outer) I would start by see which brackets are installed, in which position and note the notch orientation. While you have the car up in the air, give both rear wheels a shaking tug to check for hub bearing play.

Do these things and report back with your observations. That will put the group in a better position to assist.

This thread was discussed between 20/01/2005 and 21/01/2005

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