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Triumph TR6 - TR 6 rear shock repair

Pierre and all TR6 owners
I started a new thread for future use to all on this BBS. This is info all of us can keep for reference.
Here is the response from Russ . I ended up sending him a fax:
Hello Rick;
Yes I am the guy that rebuilds the English car shocks. I try to keep an inventory of most popular car shocks in stock if someone wants to do an exchange or I can rebuild theirs if they send them to me. A typical rebuild takes about two weeks and unless there are problems the cost is $140.00 per rear TR shock. If we do an exchange then it costs $10.00 more each. The shocks get sandblasted, disassembled, shaft polished, pistons disassembled and cleaned, new piston seal, cylinders honed lightly, shaft bores re-bushed if necessary (bronze bushings), new shaft seal, o-rings and oil. After they have been assembled and filled with oil the shocks get balanced so that the dampening rate is equal between the two shocks. All shocks are guaranteed for one year "parts and labour" to be free of defects. Shipping back and forth to Quebec is no problem. Canada Post is quite reasonable( about $10.00 for a pair one way).
P.S. This is a hobby business so don't try to contact me through the day. Fax or e-mail is best. Thanks and I hope this answers your friends questions...Russ Bamsey

Work: 519 442-3673 ????
Fax: 519 442-4932
14 McCammon Street
Paris, Ontario N3L 1V9
His e-mail is:
Above 2 phone numbers are answer during day on the phone # though.
Hope this helps Pierre. This is a very reasonable price and in CDN $ !!
Rick C
Rick Crawford

FYI Moss in California sells rears for: ($US)
$125 New
$85 Rebuilt

FYI Apple Hydraulics will rebuild TR rear shocks for $49.00 each. I had them rebuild a set for me a year ago and they are still performing great. Check them out on the web.
Jeffrey Palya

The p-po of my 72 had the shocks rebuilt by Apple and the job looks to be holding up well, (circa 1991)one thing to check with shocks is their oil fill level was down a few oz. each side no visible leaks either side after clean-up or before.

Interesting Apple note in Feb. 1991 the invoice for a rebuild reads $49.95 plus 4.00 for UPS delivery each side or $107.90 for 2 shocks looks like our cars are inflation proof too.

This thread was discussed between 03/10/2002 and 06/10/2002

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