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Triumph TR6 - TR 6 19741/2 for sale

I am the original owner of a 1974 TR6 I need to sell it unfortuneately and for a good fair price. I will admit, I have no idea what that is. I know that sentimental value is 0000, but to me this is heartbreaking. Any guidance would be helpful. It has 220,000 on original engine. Was running when I parked it ten years ago to rebuild it. I got sick and now can't afford to. I burnt oil, (age) and I seemed to replace the starer often. People always told me other than that I must have got the one they didn't mean to sell. No real problems. Replaced clutch and fork a couple times. Smog is removed. It has some door damage on the driver side from a fool who side swiped it, hit and run. The 60 year old adjuster came out with her "bullseye" and said $675.00 would fix it right up...My estimates were all 2,500 - 3,600. It still has original paint and leather (that is what has not worn away!!!)I am researching trying to get a fair price. Otherwise I will just keep it and use it for a flowerpot!!!! (Yeah, leave it to a women to come up with that idea!) It has been maintained by myself, my dad, and a friend. And yes, WE kept it running. anyways...ideas would be appreicated.



You should go to e-bay and take a look at what the tr6's are being offered for, the photos will and hx will give you some ideas on how to compare yours..

good luck
Bob Craske

Your car has a worn out engine, probably a worn out suspension, been sitting 10 years so the hydraulics are likely shot, and has a crunched side. Take $2.5k-$3k if you can get it, and feel pleased. Be prepared for less if won't doesn't start. Just my opinion.
Brent B

This thread was discussed between 24/01/2005 and 25/01/2005

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