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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Carbs needed

I am in need of a matched set of carbs for a project I have. Currently I have a set of GT6 carbs and intake mounted and these thing are puking about a cup of raw petrol per min. out the bottoms and leaking dash pot oil down into the carb body soaking the air filters. Can anyone help, the TR6 carbs need not be rebuilt just rebuildable and complete. I have the 4 stud type intake just not the carbs to go with it.
Jeremiah Randolph

I had the same leak even after replacing O-rings on the plug in the middle of the carb fuel bowl. The DPO let the car sit for decades and on close inspection, the metal bores the o-rings seal against had corroded. The pitting was bad enough that fuel had no problem running out between the sides and the o-ring.
The fix was to smooth out the sides of the plug hole as best I could and then use non-hardening, gas-proof gasket sealer on it. So far, so good.
Replacing the small o-rings on the needle holder fixed the dashpot oil leak. It was tedious but not too bad. Might be worth a try.
I used some rubber O-rings from a local marine hardware store in both of these fixes.

JB Fetner

I tried to e-mail you but your address wouldn't work.I have a set of carbs if you still need,if so list a working address.

JR same goes for me, cant eMail you but have a pair of 175 Strombergs of my 74 with manifold CP
Clive P THANKS I need a pair badly!
Jeremiah Randolph

GEES we are e-bay!

Jeff, you will notice a lot of us disguise our addresses so they can not be grabbed by a BOT.

Rick C
Rick Crawford


Add 20% to the prices I gave you last September when you made this same request.


Yellow, don't get so touchy let's talk off board, things changed on my end life happens wether you want it to or not!
Jeremiah Randolph

This thread was discussed between 02/03/2006 and 05/03/2006

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