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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Clutch Again

I am restoring a 1974 TR6. Before stripping the car down I noticed the clutch was very difficult to depress and only disengaged with the peddle at the floor. To be concise, after separating the gearbox I found an after market Borg and Beck Clutch, worn cross shaft bearings, a welded up clutch fork and destroyed peddle box bearings. I want to replace this clutch with the BPNW sachs/koyo kit but have read that the koyo bearing chirps or squeals. Is this still the case?

C J Norcott

Hi Colin

The clutch on my 75 TR6 was obscenely heavy and disassmbly revealed the B&B aftermarket components. I purchased the Sachs/Koyo replacement parts from BPNW in early 2007 together with a new fork and cross shaft (arrived in less than 24 hours!). After installation the clutch action was much improved and I have had no noise or other issues since.

I will be in Sydney next February to visit my daughter - good time of year to leave Canada!

Good luck.

BJ Quartermaine

Thanks Barry

Every thing I have read about the Sachs/Koyo replacement suggests this is the way to go but I have also read that some people have also had to use a Heath Robinson spring arrangement on the slave cylinder to keep the release bearing in contact with the clutch as they had problems with chirping.

Enjoy Sydney a nice place to visit.

C J Norcott

This thread was discussed on 28/11/2009

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