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Triumph TR6 - tr6 clutch pedal hard

need info from anyone on what makes my clutch pedal so hard to push in, it works fine otherwise

If you are new to TR6's then everything is hard and heavy: steering, brakes, shifter, and clutch pedal. All TR's have a heavy clutch pedal feel especially a TR8! If you are comparing the feel to a Honda product then it will seem really heavy.

The fact that it works fine otherwise then I would not worry.

There is an excellent tech article by the Minnisota Triump Club of VTR explaining why the clutch pedal is so hard to push. If you have recently changed your pressure plate, this is all explained. If it has been like this for a long time, leave it. When it comes time to change it next time, refer back to this article to get a sofer clutch. It can be found on their web-site.

Then wait for the Menu on the LHS to appear and click on "Tech Articles".

Don Elliott, Original Owner 1958 TR3A

PS - There still are a few TR's that don't have a heavy clutch. I had my clutch replaced at about 25,000 miles and that one is still in my TR. It is smooth as silk and not heavy. I've re-built my pressure plate twice since then with new fingers (It has 3 throw-out fingers - not like a TR6 clutch) and about 18,000 miles ago even changed all the coil springs too. My TR3A now has 142,000 miles on it and this summer I have driven it over 10,000 miles, 5220 of this to Colorado for VTR.
Don Elliott

Just a thought,do you think it would possible to connect up a remote brake servo into the the clutch pipe system,between the clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder to make the clutch pedal easier to operate.

Simon - It might work but you would be adding to the complexity of the system instead of eliminating the source of the problem. It would be like having a broken leg and adding a crutch or two instead of fixing the broken leg. And if your heavy clutch is because of the heavier design replacement pressure plate, all the other components will still fail as detailed in the tech article on the Minnesota website above.

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 21/10/2001 and 22/10/2001

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