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Triumph TR6 - TR6 factory hardtop parts?

I'm in the process of rebuilding a steel factory hardtop for my TR6 and find that I'm missing some of the parts. Would anyone have or know where I could get a middle 'listing rail' (the rods that hold the headliner up in the middle), two 'grills' for the interior air extraction vents and two 'finishing caps' for the rear attachment bolts? All the suppliers I've tried no longer stock these parts.

Thanks much in advance.

Rimmer Bros. ( show the listing bar as available (12 pounds) but show the grills as NCA (not currently available). But, they do say to 'enquire' on the grills and bezels.

Assume you have tried TRF, Moss and VB. Neither Revington nor John Skinner seem to carry the grills????

Good hunting . . .


Although Rimmer lists the rails, I did inquire directly about all these parts and none are available from Rimmer either.

Thanks for the advice.

If you are talking about the expanded mesh in the rear vents you may have to make it yourself. They do not look particulary hard to make. I don't think the listing rails are available from Rimmer. You might consider abandoning the original system and glueing sound deadening and vinyl to the top. I did and it looks very nice. Takes a bit of time to cut and fit.

This thread was discussed between 21/01/2006 and 23/01/2006

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