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Triumph TR6 - Tr6 Frame Repair

Does anybody know of someone with tr6 frame repair experience in MO? My frame is out of the car and needs some help. Do not want to take it to just anyone to many bad experiences.Thanks
jkb jeff

I'm no TR6 expert, but there's a kit available that strengthens the weak areas of the frame (suspension mounts). Your local welding man should be able to install it, especially since the body is off.

Check out (in PA) for some useful information. He also sells replacement pieces for the TR6 and has a frame exchange program. Ships anywhere. nfi.

Jeff, Where in Missouri are you? I have an MG restoration shop in the St. Louis (Hi-Tech Collision Repair) area and am just finishing a 74 TR-6. Check out my web site to see some of my work. ( ) I weld on MGA frames all the time and I'm sure I can get the work done for you. What kind of repairs does it need, rust or collision damage? I'm sure I can repair both.

This thread was discussed between 08/12/2004 and 10/12/2004

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