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Triumph TR6 - TR6 front shock


It is fall here and time to start my TR6 winter overhaul list.

One item I must replace is front shock absorber. I checked with many brands and only rallye type like Koni is available or "cheap vintage like" made who knows where, are available.

Is there an intermediate solution?


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

JG... I had new front shocks installed on my 76 in 08. My invoice does not give me a brand and part number so I will contact the supplier for details. I am quite happy with the performance but then again, I don't drive the car hard. Stand by.

Ken Shaddock

Here's where I had the shocks replaced Jean. I should hear from them today but they have a website so here it is in case you want to call. BC so 3 hours behind us in ON & QC. Ken
Ken Shaddock

Thanks Ken,

I will ask a catalog from them. As Canada post is efficient, it is not a big deal to order from west coast.


J. G. Catford

Jean... here it is:


"Ken,The front shock for TR6 we stock is a reproduction of the factory unit therefore not branded. Part # GSA272, currently no stock more coming in about 2 weeks. Regards Ethan"

Ken Shaddock


How about the KYB's sold by BPNW? I've had these on the car about 4 yrs....still doing great!

Rod Nichols

Hello Rod,

I already checked in KYB cat. and they do not list any shock for TR6. It is supposely available only for Spit, GT6, TR7-8.

It must a swap from a different car model. But from which one?


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Jean-Try British Parts Northwest. They list Spax, GAZ, some sort of gas shock, and an oem type.
Berry Price
BTP Price

This thread was discussed between 08/10/2009 and 10/10/2009

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