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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Fuel consumption

Hi, i'm thinking of buying a classic, and was wondering what the fuel consumption was like on the TR6. How many MPG do u do ? Also, can they run on unleaded, or do they need tweeking ?

I get about 17 mpg and add a lead additive.

Going for arun in the country if I drive nice and easy and enjoy the scenery which makes my wife happy I get 28 mpg cruising about 90kph (approx 50mph)
Never actually figured out in town milage as I tend to pull away faster etc just for the joy of it.
I use high test fuel,.. 92 to 94 octane
Charlie Ballard

On the long trips I've taken my '72 on I've gotten around 25 mpg. Around town though it averages around 17 to 18. It's just too much fun ripping away from the stop signs.

Thats worse than an mgb may be you should consider one of those little beauties instead. A lot prittier than the butt uggly TR6 but a bit slow and a ruff and ready.
steven kinghead

Hey Steve,

Slow, pretty cars are for girls man.

Calgary, Canada
73 5speed.
John Parfitt

Hey Steve

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You might want to get that eye checked out real fast! If its telling your brain that a TR6 is butt ugly compared to any MG made since about 1953?

Just concerned for your health there buddy :)


Bill Brayford

25 mpg!!! How do you do that? Even on the hiway I only get 17.5. Why is she so thirsty? Re: MGB -> ha! good one. Girl car.

Bryn--You should be getting mid-20's on the highway. Check your ignition system first, timing, carbs, possibly dragging rear brakes.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

MGBs have breasts
Tr6s have balls
need I say more

Doug Campbell

Yup - my '73 TR6 gets 24-25 mpg avg mileage. Triple Strombergs.
Brent B

Had a '73 B - Liked it.
Have a '74 6 - Love it!
Don H

MGB is a chick car or a car for pansie's. A less than a real man does not have the strength to push the clutch, shift the gears or turn the steering wheel in a parallel parking manouver in a TR.

I'll agree that a chrome bumper B is a pretty car but there are too many other parts that do not make it a real sports car starting with:

*weazy 1.8L 4 cyl
*leaf spring rear suspension (didn't a Dodge Dart have the same type)
*cheap crinkle plastic dash
* tiny wheels
*0-60 time over 15 sec
* what about those rubber bumpers???

I will also quote from the book 'The Ultimate Classic Car Book' by Quetin Willson. On the MGB:
" pursuit of modernity and safety regulations the factory burdened the B with ungainly rubber bumpers, a higher ride height and garish striped nylon seats, making the car slow, ugly and unpredictable at the limit. Your mother would have wholeheartedly approved of the MGB's reliability, practicality and good sense."

On the TR6: "Criply styled with chisel chin good looks and carrying over the 2.5 L six cylinder engine of the TR5...this was as hairy chested as the TR got and a handful too, like the big Healeys, its power outstripped its poise. But that just made it more fun to driv


Oh man - You're trolling...
Brent B

How then, does timing affect fuel consuption? If timing is set for nominal performance, the fuel flow should not increase as it is an affect of the rpm. Right?
PS: When my girlfriend drives the TR6, she turns a LOT of heads.

Simplified: If the timing is too advanced, the engine has to work too hard to maintain output. If it's too retarded there's not enough power generated. Either cause fuel consumption to go up, not to mention engine temp. Hint hint.

Have your GF wear Groucho glasses when she drives - that should solve the head turning problem.

Brent B

TR6s looks a bit like maxis. Still i supose they had to prepare the buyers for the tr7 princess that took over. Still nice car though with there lucas fuel injection thinking of fitting some injection to by B
mr mr

Bryn--Timing only indirectly affects fuel flow. As Brent indicated, timing affects how much useful work (e.g. crank torque) available from each air/fuel charge in the cylinder. The less work produced per charge equals reduced fuel efficiency. Too advanced and the fuel burns prematurely as the piston is approaching TDC, causing a counter-productive pressure spike (ping) in the cylinder. Too retarded and the fuel never has the chance to completely burn before the exhaust valve opens. Both of these situations limit the useful work produced and decrease your MPG.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

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