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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Gearbox in a TR3a?

Has anyone heard of putting a tr6 gearbox into a tr3a. I have an extra one lying around and would like to have full synchro in my tr3a.
Mike Parkhill

I know that the TR3B used the same all synchro box as a TR4. I know that fitting a TR4 box into a TR3 was a popular swap in the 60s/70's. I know that the first motion shaft splines are the same on all of the TR range. The rear mount for the transmission is the same from the TR2 up to the CF TR6s. With that information, I would recommend that you get the tape measure out and check the overall transmission lengths between the two, the location of the gear lever and top cover dimensions. If all of that is the same, it will should go it is disclaimer time.

There are some differences in the throw out set up on the TR3/4, the 4A and the TR5/250/6 one. The TR3A/B use the same hydraulic set up and same clutch components as a TR4. The TR4 uses the same hydraulic components as the TR4A, but the TR4A uses the same clutch components as the TR5/250/6, which in turn use a totally different set of hydraulic components. Having not done a TR6 into TR3 transmission transplant myself, cannot speak to exactly what you may run into. You may have to run a TR3 throw out set up (cross shaft/bearing/bearing carrier), or it may be a TR6 set up with an external spring added like that already on the TR3 or it may be a mix and match of the TR3 and TR6 components. You might consider talking with some of your local shops/Brit Car guys or search the various VTR chapter pages for more info.

thanks Steve. There is a local Brit repair shop (he does mostly MGs'). I'll talk to him. In any case, I'll just start doing it and figure it out along the way.
Mike Parkhill

I think that is a good question for Dr. TR3 (Don E)

This thread was discussed between 10/03/2003 and 11/03/2003

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