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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Out of Storage after 2 years!

Good Day to all!
I was wondering if anyone has ever had to go through this procedure...I have not driven my 76 TR6 for two Summers, however now Spring is here in Canada and I'm ready to take it out. The car is in a dry heated garage,the tires fully inflated, and a smart battery tender plugged, the thank full of gas and the right ratio of fuel stabilizer. The car is covered and dust free. Is there a set procedure to start it up so I do not hurt the car's mechanical and or other components.Before I strored it in the Fall two years ago, the car had a complete check-up and oil and filter changes. So it's basically ready to go. I read on the internet to remove the plugs, and to dry crank it until I read approx. 20 psi on the gauge...But I would much rather proceed according to the suggestions from your experienced members.

Thank you very kindly for your help and support!
L.T. Tawil


I don't know if there is a official or sanctioned procedure. Here is what I would do

I probably would take the plugs out and put a bit of oil in the cylinder (or fogging agent) to give some lubrication of the rings and cylinder wall before cranking it.

Check the oil level in the carburettors dash pots. You might want to spray lubricate the carburettor linkages. If your fuel pump comes with a hand operated lever, pump the gas using the hand lever to avoid cranking engine longer than you need to.

If you have any concerns about the oil picking up moisture over the 2 years you might want to change the oil after you run it but the risk is probably low of any problem.

Good luck and enjoy the summer.
Michael Petryschuk

Hello Michael,
Thank you for your help and suggestions. I will definetly follow your advise and procedure. I really appreciate your feedback.
You also enjoy the summer, our canadian summers are so short that we must take advantage of any nice warm days ahead.
Thanks again!!!
L.T. Tawil

This thread was discussed between 09/05/2015 and 12/05/2015

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