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Triumph TR6 - TR6 rear trailing arm bushes

Hey guys,

In the interest of my not having a whole lot of time to disassemble my '76 TR6's suspension for the re-bush with poly bushes, can anyone tell me if they have been successful in simply releasing the rear A-arm thru bolts and leaving the arm on the car while re-bushing them? It looks to me like you can remove the two thru bolts, remove the spring and drop the arm down far enough so you can install the new bushings in without having to remove the axle halfshaft. Thoughts?

'67 BGT
'76 TR6

I think you will have difficulty accessing the nut on the inner (outer?) bracket thru-bolt. Also, how do you intend to remove the old bushings? That can be quite a chore even with the TA's on the workbench.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

You will have to unbolt the arm to chassis bracket ( probably both brackets) to access the nut and bolt as Rick mentions..but if the spring is removed and the shock link disconnected ( careful with the brake line) the arm may drop enough to change the bushings, I think it's worth a try and if it doesn't work there was nothing lost as the stuff had to be disc anyway.. Remember when putting the arm bolt back to put the nut end on the inside not like it was done at the factory
As for removing the bushings I used a 3' woodworking clamp with one end at the outside bushing and a small socket at the other outside bushing..after cutting some rubber away to go thru' the hole easier I had both out in a few mins.
good luck

Charlie Ballard

You don't have to remove the half-axel, but be prepared for the shaft to pull out when the arm's dropped down. I've cussed and fussed for 15 minutes before trying to get the axel back together, too. It's slotted, you can get it where it looks lined up, but it just doesn't want to go until somehow you get lucky.

I used a big "C" clamp (did I say BIG?) to push them out. It's been a long time, but I believe I used a handy pipe cap on the top end to receive the bushing as pushed by the screw. After the bushing was half out or so a screw driver finished the job.

Brent B

Easy to do. Disconnect shock. Use a long threaded rod that slides through both bushings on the control arm. Have a large washer(one that is bigger than the control arm bushing) on one end. Put a smaller washer (one that fits through the control arm) and a nut on the other end. Tighten the assembly and the smaller washer will pull the bushing out.

Great tip Steve. Although I've yet to do the bushings on a Triumph, I have done a lot of front end work on USA cars. I use liquid detergent as a lubricant to remove and install rubber bushings. It's slick and will not harm the rubber after it dries.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

I just completed this myself. I used a gear puller to press the bushings out. Cake.

This thread was discussed on 01/04/2004

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