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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Rebuild

This is a modern day love story of two TR6's.

TR6 1 (UJU 614H) "hooked" " her man and the marriage will be "registered" on 19 August at Kenilworth
But in order for the story to have a happy ending TR6 2 is missing some essential parts for the honeymoon!

The story began five years ago when TR6 1 met TR6 2 at Warwick University and they fell in love. But in order for them to get married TR6 2 needed a complete overhaul and a new set of clothes. (Enter TR Register member Robert McDonald and future son-in-law Chris Ryall)

TR6 2 was transported part by part to a secret location in Tamworth where it underwent a massive "make over", lovingly watched by TR6 1. But like any true love story their "union" was tested.....

The country was scoured for essential parts (Enter the wicked stepmother - Triumph 2500S). For a while it looked as if he would make it on time, but wedding using wedding cars tonbridge day blues "loomed"...

Currently TR6 2 is not a complete man - he needs some vital parts (most of which are small and difficult to find!) and possibly some physical help to get him ready for the wedding - without it TR6 2 may not make the alter, or indeed the honeymoon!

If you would like to see this story have a happy ending please contact the "wicked stepmother" who will provide the latest update.

TRue Love is a Classic Car Production.

Cast in order of appearance:

TR6 1 - Julia McDonald c/o Robert McDonald Tel: 01827 63919 Fax: 01827 60836 Email:
TR6 2 - Chris Ryall c/o Robert McDonald as above (bit part at weekends)
Wicked Stepmother - Sylvia Merris-McDonald Tel: 01827 65565 Fax: 01827 314556 Email:

Supporting cast:
TR Enterprises (no we are not asking Steve to let us have any parts from his world-class rally car)
Rimmer Brothers
Auto jumbles
Classified Ads

Produced by: TRaining News
Directed by: 3 Mothers and a Wedding Production Company
On location in Kenilworth, Tettenhall and Tamworth

SAM McDonald

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