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Triumph TR6 - TR6 - RHD to LHD conversion

I have just bought a '68 TR5 and a '71 TR6 both RHD.

What is involved with converting these cars from RHD to LHD?
H. Asland


Dash assemblies. Wood and metal and pad.

Wiring harness either replaced or modified.

The steering column should work but I am not sure of turn signal. I think it can be assembled both sides.

Steering rack may be able to be flipped not sure. Will look at one tom. when at shop.

Gear box will have 1/2 away from you 3/4 close I believe. I had a 56 Healy years ago and realy liked that for windy roads.

The bulkhead or firewall as its known over here in Canada may require replacement or major modification depending on your metal skills. To move master cylinder and cluth hydraulics etc. etc. and fill holes.

All brake clutch and gas pedal assemblies.

I would guesstimate about a $3500.00 CDN. job for a shop here in Canada depending on used parts availability and there modification skills including labor. That would not include tranny mods.

Personally I would buy an English cap learn to yell Pip Pip old boy. And scare the hell out of your passengers on sharp turns with oncoming traffic :)

Can't think of anything else right now.


Bill Brayford

I have a book that tells how to go from left to right and I imagine it's probably similiar. My suggestion, Trade with someone with left hand drive. The guys in the states would kill for a RHD
Don K.

Suppliers in the UK must have piles of unwanted LHD parts, bearing in mind how many LHDs have been imported and converted to RHD- try them for bargains!
P H Cobbold

Another source of conversion parts that might help. While stationed in England I bought a RHD Morris 1000 Traveler. The Morris was used as a staff car in the RAF and salvage units had lots of them. Many were built as LHD for use in Europe. I bought the pieces I needed from a military salvage yard in Germany, converted the Morris in England and shipped it to the USA. I'm sure that TR-6's weren't staff vehicles (can you imagine) but Heralds were. Maybe some of the other Leyland stuff will cross over?
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Ah yes the Moggy Traveller, or 'half-timbered car' as Dame Edna called it. Now I wonder if the wooden rear end would graft onto a TR6? the first TR6 estate ('woody'?).
Only kidding- just like to annoy the Concours brigade.
P H Cobbold

Here Here Peter

The Conversion Question?

I am looking for the info to go the other way !! Yup, I am looking at a USA spec LHD twin carb version, which drives very well, but would prefer to end up with a RHD car - As I haven't bought it yet, I'm afraid we can't trade - yet. Was wondering if the sea freight cost would be cheaper than locating and buying the parts, doing the work, etc??

Seriously though does anyone know of a "Conversion Document" that contaains the parts listing, procedures to follow, Do's and Don'ts etc that is involved ??

If I can get firm, reliable info, I will buy this car, as most of the rust free TR-6'shave been sold back to the UK on the back of our weakened currency.


Matt Ford

I have a book that has one chapter in a how-to. Now I have to remember what the book was called and check my library
Don K.

Hi Matt

I bought (locally) a '73 US LHD car from a guy who had imported it from the 'States. I had intended to convert it to RHD and drive it, but once I got into it, it grew, and grew, and grew!! - into a full blown, up-spec, PI, (non-original) nut and bolt job.

Adding to Bill's comments above ;

- Steering rack cannot be re-used - the casting where the pinion exits can't be reversed - re-cond RHD ones are available here for AU$250 (exchange)+ freight & includes eurethane mounting rubbers.
- Turn signal switch is OK - you choose the side you want. If you go to Brit setup, the headlamp hi/lo will work on t'other side but will not quite be in the 'correct' position ie operates down from horizontal rather than down to horizontal.
- Firewall is not hard - an exact reflection of the opposite side - setup the (new) RHD pedal box and drill away - fill old holes as you choose (preferably retaining the integrity of the firewall with metal!)
New steering col mounting bracket on firewall (use old one for pattern and reverse).
- New brake/clutch hydraulic lines to bulkhead area.
- headlamps replaced (they aim the wrong way!!) ;)
- By far the biggest hassle is the dash - you need a RHD back (metal) panel. you can modify the LHD one but it need to be carefully cut in several places and re-welded without distortion - not impossible but difficult - definitely a specialist job with a custom made jig. There was a mob in South Australia doing these as exchange units but you occasionally see them on eBay and you can probably get one out of UK. While you're doing this you should replace the steering column bushes.
Next you need a new timber fascia (easy, but can be $$) and the electrics have to be extended (don't underestimate the importance of doing this well!) I had a complete new wiring loom made here by an old guy that is a genius with Brit cars. He has just about every original connector made which is soldered - not crimped. He even has a machine that cloth braids the whole thing as per original specs of old Morris's etc. He can custom make the lot including incorporating electronic ignition, immobiliser circuits, upgrades of lighting and fuel pump feeds (PI) etc, all beautifully concealed. His work is mainly pre 1950's and has serious clients all over the world. Mine cost AU$650 but that was a few years ago. Give serious thought to a new one.
-New speedo/tach cables (I think RHD are longer)
- The wipers need to be changed to RHD and the wiper 'park' position switch adjusted (easy).
Depending on how fussy you are - there's also the location of the hood release handle and the plastic insert in the carpet!!!

Email me if you need anything from here - I can give you some names. The AU$ is not brilliant but it's a hell of a lot better than the UK or US if you're importing to ZA.


Roger H

Thanks a lot to all of you. Status pt. is that I have found a TR6 LHD body in a barn, which I picked up yesterday. Since my TR6 needs a complete restoration, I will be using the front from this TR6 since sills and floors need replacing anyway. My only problem now is that the LHD steel dash is missing from the spare body.......

Halvor Asland

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