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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Tonneau Cover Question


I have a 1976 Triumph TR6 with a tonneau cover. About halfway along the zipper is a piece of cover material about 12 inched long with a lift-the-dot fastener at the end of it.

I was wondering what the purpose of this 'strap' is.


Alex Cherington

Hi Alex,
The female lift-the-dot fastener on the end of the strap connects to its male counterpart located on the passenger side driveshaft tunnel, near the floor.
Its purpose is to keep the passenger side of the tonneau cover from flapping about when driving with the tonneau half unzipped.
The male portion is many times missing, not put back after clutch or other maintenance.
Gary Coulter
73 TR6
Gary Coulter

Hi Gary,

Thanks very much for the info. It makes perfect sense when you see it written down.

Of course mine is missing as the carpets were replaced years ago before I bought the car.

Unless of course it is still there under the carpet!

I must check...


Alex Cherington

Hi Alex
Gary is correct on what the strap is for. The location of the male part is not on the tunnel but on the passenger seat itself. It goes through the stiffening board assembly into the frame of the seat. Look at your passenger seat and see if you have a hole in the material down at the very bottom of the inside side of the passenger seat.
Best regards
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 31/01/2001 and 25/02/2001

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