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Triumph TR6 - TR6 trailing arm stud repair?

Does anyone know where I could get a trailing arm stud with a UNC thread on one end and a UNF on the other?

Iíve got stripped threads in my trailing arm and want to use a course thread helicoil instead of a fine thread for a better grip in the aluminum. The stud specs are 1.5 inches long, 5/16 thread - hopefully UNC on one end and UNF on the other - instead of the normally stock UNF on both ends.

I could helicoil for the original fine thread but Iíd rather not.

Rimmer carries them but Iím hoping for a North American supplier for a faster delivery.

Thanks so much in advance,

1973 TR6

Try Gardner/Westcott.
Doug Baker

I had to helicoil a couple on mine.
I simply went UNC both ends. Available Car Quest.
To find a UNC one end and UNF the other, I think will be like looking for the needle thing. I suppose if you could find the appropriate rod size, you could turn your own threads.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Most Studs for the exhaust manifold for most cars are as you speak. Check it out

Good one Don
Rick Crawford


I used the replacement stock studs from Moss Motors with the fine thread Helicoil. Absolutely no problems. I got a lot of good advice from the guys on this forum when I was doing mine and there are many posts on this subject in the archives. The only caution was to use the true "Helicoil" brand and not some Helicoil knockoff. I paid almost three times more for the "Helicoil" than for the first Helicoil knockoff that I bought and returned. If you would feel more comfortable with coarse threads that's up to you and Don's advice is probably the way you want to go. One comment that stuck in my mind was the one where somebody said that the stainless Helicoil in the aluminum trailing arm is far stronger than the original so going with fine threads again appears not to be an issue.

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

My local automotive supply store carries them much cheaper than the specialized suppliers.

The PAPCO part number for 5/16" UNC at one end and UNF at the other is 264-016.

1975 TR6
M Burtt

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