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Triumph TR6 - TR6 v. Stock Market

Anyone out there getting a little concerned about their investments? I'm thinking that the only asset I have that is holding its own or growing in value is my TR6. The more I work on it the more it's worth. However, the more money I give my Investment Advisor the less I have. I knew I shoulda bought more TR toys!

Ken Shaddock

Ken, "a little concerned" is an understatement. I, like you, am retired and have seen my investemnts shrink. As far as the TR6 goes, I have had mine for 6 years now, and have not seen much increase in it's sale value from when I bought it. My view is that you almost never get your money back out of these cars. I have spent $$$$ on new interior, rebuild tranny, new clutch, total engine rebuild, new dash, plus many other odds n ends. Ya, but there fun to drive...beep beep m beep. (wish I could get my horn to work again!!!
Cheers its only $$$
Pete Russell

Hi Pete... yah... I've spent an insane amount of money on my car too but it's not a serious money loser like boats and cars I've had. I keep telling myself that I can sell this puppy in future and get bunches of money back. Then again, if I live long enough everyone will have gone hybrid or electric and our TR's will be static displays. ;)

Live for today and enjoy, right! The kids can fight for the leftovers... if any.

Ken Shaddock


it is definitely a loosing investment, as you are never able to recover time and money. If that is your concern...

But how could you evaluate pleasure in driving, restoring and sometimes pronouncing some bad words when a bolt break in an unreachable place...


J. G. Catford

I rebuilt mine for character not investment value. Plus its sentimental value in my family. I drove it as a kid in 1978/1979/1980/1981 after my Dad bought it and we did some body work and painted it.

But don't be disheartened. A neighbour of mine just sold his for a litttle more than he paid for it three years ago. He did spend a little on it so I think he broke even.

Michael Petryschuk

My TR6 was appraised in 2001 for $19500.00 including taxes. I had it re appraised 2 months ago and it is now $20,600.00 including taxes.
At least it is not going down in value.

Will I ever see it as an investment? Probably not. I do not plan on selling it so it really can not be considered an investment but instead an asset.

Rick Crawford

Like all of you I'm in it for fun and little else. Nice to know though that the car should hold its own as long as there are LBC fans about.

My investment comments were meant as like hearted babble. I get a kick out of all the wisdom out there reminding us that the market is all about growth in the long term. Hello. I'm running out of "long term" as I get older. Then again, when I'm in my 80's & 90's I might be able to buy a '62 Healey 3000, a 427 Shelby Cobra and a 57 Vet Fuelie so I shouldn't complain. Will someone drive me?


Ken Shaddock

This thread was discussed between 30/09/2008 and 02/10/2008

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