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Triumph TR6 - TR6 V8

I am a college student who has just purchased my first own TR6, My dad had one when he was a kid and now I bought a project car for myself. I am looking to be able to race it in the Classic Car Race held around my house once a year. This means I need to drop a V8 into it. I am thinking about a Ford 302, but I would love suggestions. Plus I know of quite a few others who would like this thread to be started, so if anybody has any info on this let me know!

Aaron Stout
Aaron Stout

Well Boys. Lets hear it from you muscle heads out there.

Its not a TR6 if there's a V8 in it.

A TR6 with a V8? Who'd a thunk?


There are lots and lots of TR6s with V8s in them, Chevies, Fords, and the ubiquitous BOP/Rover aluminum V8s. Of the three, the Ford 302, with aluminum heads, is by far the best choice (it weighs 35 pounds LESS than the stock TR6 engine, believe it or not).

For more info, see

In particular, check out my own ongoing conversion at:

Come to Terre Haute, IN, June 9 -12, 2005 for the annual British V8 convention, and you'll get to see at least a couple of V8 TR6s.

"Its not a TR6 if there's a V8 in it."

Oh yes it is! And a very nice one too.

Welcome to the club, Aaron - you're in for a lot of fun.
Dan Masters

Aron welcome to the wonderful world of dispacement.
Type in "British V8 Conversion" and read everything.
Then you will be off to the races! Personaly I can't think of a classic car race that will allow an engine that wasn't supplied with the car at the time of manufacter but good luck if you can get by the regulations. Generally they allow only stock or slightly modified original engines.
I have installed a Ford 302 in my TR6 and it can rip
asphalt. Not that hard to do. There are a nunber of us that can talk you through it. It's nice to eat a rice rocket for beakfast, good for the digestion.
The TR6 frame isn't the best model around to dump power into, but it can be very easily modified to take that power. I run a stock rear end with no problems.
Contact me if you want more detail .
Christopher Trace

All the pages I read on the web seem to run together, but it seems there's a member here (in Canada?) that has a real nice one. Even has a V8 logo in the middle of the grill. I saw it in a group of pics posted of a get-together of TR6 owners this last summer. There's a TR4 with a Ford V8 near Kansas City as I recall. The licence plate reads TR4RD. Should be a very similar conversion. I saw a TR4 for sale in Washington state with a Rover or Buick V8, very tempting. It seems the steering column can be challenging on these conversions, having to add a U joint or 3 and a bracket to get some clearance on that side. Have fun!

I say forget the V8 and do a proper job of it:

A. J. Koschinsky


That's certainly an interesting conversion, but it still falls short of a V8 installation.

Why go to all the trouble of installing a V12 with only 350HP when a Ford 302 goes in so much easier and can easily have 375 - 400 streetable HP or more. Or, if you want to go with a Ford 351, 500HP or more, still very streetable HP.

To answer my own question - simply because he wanted to! No other reason is required.

He wrote: "Fitting a V8 engine into a car can produce a pretty wild machine, so imagine what a Triumph TR7 feels like when it's stuffed full of 5.7-litre Jaguar V12!"

I can answer that question also - not nearly as good as a good V8 conversions!

Nevertheless, he has my respect and admiration for doing it. And, it appears, doing it well.
Dan Masters

That is the key, isn't it? Doing it well so as to earn the respect and admiration of those who appreciate a job well done, whether it be a concours restoration, a wild reconstruction, or just resurecting something that others have written off as junk.

I do enjoy a good V8, but my tastes run more towards the classic Y-Blocks. I have a lovely 312 in my '56 F-100 that makes glorious sounds and a lot of power. 'Course, a 427 would sound nice too and would fit in there with room to spare...

The TR, though, stays as it is because it is just what I want it to be.

A. J. Koschinsky

I have to admit, those are very impressive pieces of machinery. I guess what you have is the classics vs. the avant garde. Both have merits.

I had a '72 TR-6 when I was 21 and dreamed of the power of a v-8.
I bought a '70 more than 20 years later and must admit that today I am more concerned with the fragility of the frame and the bucket of spicers in the drive train. Rather than butcher a tr, build something with a drive train and a frame that can take the power you are proposing. If not, be prepared to build a proper frame and fit something that can take the power to the rear corners. There are gussets and other parts recomended for competition that would stiffen the frame, but that would involve a frame-off. One more caution, be prepared to hold the car or nearly give it away if you sell it, because the market for altered cars isn't there or is at least much smaller.

best of luck and don't listen if you don't want to. I never did when I had my 1st tr.

I can only add that in my opinion it would be a shame to molest a nice car for such a conversion, But if what you have is somewhat of a "beater" then it might be ok.
My Tr. is a driver, But a very nice driver and an original car. I would never consider such a transformation on this one.
But the one that is rusty and has been wrecked badly would make a good candidate.
What is left is all we have..
Mark Pinkstaff

As someone who has parted out a TR3 and regretted it, I agree somewhat, Mark. It was done up a bit like a TR6, with a Ford 6 and had a lot of rust. It might have made a real car if I woulda taken the time. Even interesting enough to show, if my imagination has the image clear enough. Like you say, if it was all I had, it might have become real.

You certainly can add a V8 to a TR6 or any TR for that matter. I personally am partial to the Rover due to the weigth loss this provides. See my web site for details on my V8 TR4A at

My car has gone through three tranformations.... first it was stock home restoration quality, but not up to the standards of the trailer queens and checkbook restorations that normally win at the car shows. Second version was road racer look, complete with lowered suspension and a Judson supercharger. The final version is my interpetation of a sunbeam tiger if Triumph had built one. Check it out. Balanced handling, massive power, tons of fun.

Dave Herr
Dave Herr

After revisiting your page Dave, the same thing crossed my mind as the last time I looked at it. What a patient person you must be! But the result looks great! Keep us informed as to your progress.

I say great buddy. drop the v-8 in. pay attention to the rear end tho. I have a 1969 tr6 with a clevland 351 holly 4 barrel and 4 spd auto overdrive. also has a corvette rear end. this car purrs. the power is unreal. to make it even better, i have a surry top on it too. my tr6 is the best cleanest jaw dropper around. good luck and have fun with it.

one more thing. you'd never know from looking at it.
looks like it just came off the showroom floor.
good luck buddy!!!

I say go for it as the six is not exactly on the endangered list yet.My TR nut friend runs a stock six allthough on triple webbers and another with a 5.7 chevvy with auto box but we are still working on the exhaust as road clearance is a little tight.I run a PI so we get to play with three different animals.
Incidently both my friends were shipped from the USA and are now converted to right hand drive,so if we can do it so can you.Good luck and enjoy your new toy.

b Wallbank
This car is for sale if any are interested.
Gene Holtzclaw

Just stumbled across this site. I have a 74 TR6 very nice, clean, straight, solid. Looked for 3 yrs on and off before finding it. I've had it for about 4 yrs now. The lack of power is killing me. I'm debating whether to supercharge the 2.5 or V8 it? I have an eaton 62 off of a 99 230 SLK Benz. If I v8 it I would like to go fuel injected 5.0, but carburated would be easier.

As for ruining the value, these cars are not worth alot. I figure mine is worth $9000 tops. If the conversion is done with care and attention to detail I don't think it would lose much if any value.

You may be right Tim. The guy that has this car is asking 10,500 for it. I don't know if it will be a hard sell or not. I am doing EFI, supercharged, intercooler,and a/c,all on a serpintine belt system.
Gene Holtzclaw

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