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Triumph TR6 - TR6 - V8 motor mounts?

Is anyone aware of motor mounts available to allow the insertion of a 5.0 Ford motor into one of our little sweeties? I suspect all who have undertaken this conversion have fabricated their own but I'd love to find some already made.

Tim Brand

Tim, Sorry to say you probably have to make your own.
Or make the mockup and take it to a fabricator to be made up.
I used Dan Masters type of motor mount for my conversion. Try the British V8 Conversion site and look for Dan's page.
Christopher Trace

Thanks Chris. That's what I figured. The only daunting aspect to me is the fabrication of the mounts. If only I knew how to weld!
Making up some mock ones out of cardboard - a template if you will - is an excellent idea!

Thanks again,
Tim Brand


When I made my mounts, I did all the cutting, grinding, and fitting myself, and then built a fixture, using MDF, to hold the pieces in place. I left openings in the fixture so a welder could get to all sides of the mounts to tack the parts in place, and then remove them for finish welding. I didn't trust my own welding skills for this, so I had a professional do the welding for me.

If you have the fixture and parts in place, it shouldn't cost much to get the welding done, as all it involves is the actual welding and no fitting.

I used a hacksaw, bench grinder, and files to get the pieces cut out and shaped before welding.

You can find info on my conversion at:

Be sure to check out all of the British V8 web site, especially the back issues of the newsletter.
Dan Masters

Thank you Dan!

Your site is most informative. Is your car done?

Using the TR4 rear suspension with the narrowed 9" is brilliant! I was thinking I'd have to either live with stock or go with a custom 4 link.

That little beasty of yours ought to really scoot!

thanks again!

Tim Brand

Tim, I use the stock rearend with no problems.
Of course you have to reinforce the hanger arches and the hanger diff pins but the stock rearend is a tough
unit. Have a look at Jay Smiths page on the V8 site.
He has been trying to burnout his stock rearend for over ten years to replace it with a 9" and as far as i know he still hasn't suceeded
Christopher Trace

This thread was discussed between 01/05/2005 and 02/05/2005

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