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Triumph TR6 - Trailing arm

For the complete rebuilding of my car I have removed the rear trailing arm and brackets.
Now I donít now how I have to replace the brackets (I now 1 notch inner and 2 notches outer side) but the position of the notches is this to for both to the floor ore to the car side?
De Backer

2 notch brackets are the outer ones and the 1 notch are the inner ones. By the way notches face upwards.

While you have them out pay careful attention to the bracket as they are very prone to cracking, usually vertically along the mounting holes. Both my outers had hairline cracks and this could be a serious safety issue.


Here is all you will you will ever want to know about trailing arm brackets.

Bill Brayford

Just spend the money and go to a good (old)!
wheel alingment shop. Find the oldest guy there
and talk to him about the problem.
I'm not very old myself but have learned that you
do not want a twenty year old kid working on anything
other than an oil change.
Christopher Trace

This thread was discussed between 13/01/2003 and 17/01/2003

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