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Triumph TR6 - Trailing arm bushing collapse

Doing an oil change for the 'end of the driving season' I went from corner to corner checking bearings and hubs, etc. while it was up in the air. Pulling on the left rear revealed a collapsed inner trailing arm bushing that allowed about an inch of play out at the tire.
Further examination exposed the left axle flange bolts and nuts were loose (all four,about half a turn)at the differential. when we put the car on the road last year in May. Tightened up the flange nuts & got new bushings from TRF, (they were poly-urethane) and replaced them Friday night. Only thing we could figure was an air bubble in the poly when it was in the mold. Anybody else had a poly-urethane bushing collapse?
So, I suppose this was mostly good news, or at least no damage done, and I got rid of a bit of a clunk in the rear (of the TR6)

Rod Nichols

Can not answer your question on the poly bush. That is weir it colapsing. Have you taken it to a hack saw to see if you can find an air bubble?

There was another poor sole on this BBS (do not recall who) but did have "Houston, we have seperation" at the axle flange. It appears that all us lucky snow bound TR owners should roll under our cars this winter and do a double take on the entire rear end bolts and nylocks. Since mine will be up on the blocks, I will definitely be looking at her back side.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Sorry to hear of the bushing collapse Rod; sounds like it had to be a manufacturing glitch. As far as the axle flange studs/nylocs, suggest you use blue loctite on both ends in the future.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Rod - You're lucky. That was me, Rick C., with the broken flange. Had some funny clunks, then the 3rd bolt tore out of the flange so the shaft "free wheeled" aroung the remaining bolt. New axle-side flange and u-joint was all that was needed. Taught me 1) Don't reuse nyloks, 2) Use locktite with those nyloks.

I've also had the same poly bushes for 10 years with no problem.


Brent B

Rod- Look at the bright side .Could have been this side of Tahoe. The coventry gods were looking down on you my good buddy!
Don K

Don K,
Believe me when I say I am thankful. Just a few days prior to finding this, a friend and I drove up to Idaho City (picturesque mtn road through canyons and along the creek, you get the idea) drove parts of it very hard, chasing along with a guy that has a LeMans Spec AH 100-4. Fast car!!!! Anyway...I shudder to think what might have been, especially thinking about returning from Tahoe on the Nevada freeways and such at speeds up to 90 with my wife in the car. SHEESH......

Yeah...I know how to say thanks.....And I'm glad I can take the car into work to get it up on a hoist and walk around under it to tug on things. Check yer nuts and bolts, fellers!!!!


P.S. About that Healey...I was doing about 90 up a long hill, and he was pulling me! Not just a little...
Rod Nichols

This thread was discussed between 08/11/2004 and 09/11/2004

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