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Triumph TR6 - Trailing Arms

I am in the proces of installing a rear shock conversion kit and want to make sure when I jack up under tghe trailing arms that I do it right and not cause any damage. Are the pretty resiliant opr do I need to do anything special.



It depends upon the condition of your trailing arm frame members.

I have reinforced mine and I can lift the car at that point. I also lift on the frame member running to the rear of the car. I also lift it with a floor jack right under the differential. I find the trailing arms themselves too low to the ground to get my jack under so I ususally don't lift using them.

Mike Petryschuk
69 TR6
Michael S. Petryschuk

Hi Shawn

If you are changing the shocks then I guess you mean where to jack while doing that, so as to avoid the spring coming out? I just did this (I was just replacing the old shock while I wait for the backordered tube shock kit from TRF, but the procedure should be the same). I had the chassis on stands and then put a block of wood on my jack and jacked right under the spring - it seemed to me that the best way to jeep the spring in place was sure that there was no side load on the spring. I then had to have my wife sit on the side of the boot to get the spring to compress the last half inch to allow the nut to thread onto the shock link. That may not be a problem with the tube shocks, though.

Hope that helps

Alistair and Mike,

Thanks. Did the install last night and what you desribe is what worked. Tried to replace the spring seats in rear without luck however. Seems like a spring compressor is needed. I could not get the top spring seat to set up right.

Shawn 74.5

You will need to guide the springs to the upper seat position as you jack up under the trailing arm (make sure to keep you fingers out if any pinch positions), but once there it is like Alistair stated, you will likely need someone to apply a downward force to the rear of the car on the side you are working to get that last little bit of compression on the spring in order to fasten the damper link on the lever shocks or the attach stud on tubular shocks.

This thread was discussed between 30/03/2007 and 31/03/2007

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