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Triumph TR6 - trans issue's

Can any one give me there thoughts, experience, recommendations on toyota conversion or installing an overdrive complete kit to an existing 4 speed (no OD)76 TR6. My 4 speed will also need to be dissmantled and inspected for an additional cost (which I would do since the trans will be dismantled as part of the conversion). The fact that there is a Toyota trans in my British car dosn't bother me as long as it looks original from an interior point of view.

cheers, Marten

If you want to convert your existing TR6 4-speed gearbox to add the overdrive to it, you will need to find an overdrive unit (about 1000.00CDN $) plus a mainshaft for a TR6 overdrive/gearbox. These run about another 350.00 CDN$. You will also need the adapter plate that fits between the g/box and the O/D. To take your 4-speed g/box apart to install the new O/D mainshaft means you might want to change all the bearings, bushings, synchro-rings, etc while it's all apart. Sometimes it's possible (and cheaper) to get a gearbox with overdrive already attached as a second hand unit and switch the new one for your original one.

As for the 5-speed Toyota conversion, check with Herman Van Den Akker in California. Many years ago, he lived in Toronto and is very knowledgable about all thing TR. Mention my name to Herman, I've known him about 15 years.

e-mail Herman at handhvan at - change the at to @
Tel:- (661) 242-1253

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A, Montreal
Don Elliott

Hello Marten, there is an OD unit on ebay... free shipping from NZ! This fellow has been on ebay for years and seems to have a good reputation. He has OD units a few times a year. The conversion will take an evening or two once the tranny is out. A few specialty tools will help out... if you have a lathe and a MIG welder it will be a snap... or better yet borrow someones previously built tools. Note also you will need the OD switch ($50) the wiring harness ($50) and escution for the steering column ($10). Definetly adds to the value of the car and its drivability. I think if your car is in reasonable condition then this is the way to add some value and fun to it. Consider renewing all bearings, seals and clutch components too while the tranny is out... clutch shaft bushings, fork pin, pilot bushing etc.
Good luck with the job,

This thread was discussed between 16/12/2005 and 20/12/2005

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