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Triumph TR6 - transmission swap

Just a quick question here can I pull the transmission without pulling the engine?
A Vandergoot

Yes, for "normal work" such as clutch replacement it might even be preferred. You have to remove seats, carpets and transmission cover and support the engine. You remove the starter and disconnect the slave, undo all of the fasteners then pull it back to seperate then angle it out the passengers door opening. It's a bit more detailed than this, but you get the general idea.

There are two schools of thought on supporting the engine. You can support it from the underside (easiest), but if you go this route, the car is essentially fixed to that position. If you support it from the top, you will have to either fabricate or purchase a support that spans the engine bay and hang the engine from the rear lifting eye. On the plus side, this does allow you to roll the car around.

Okay steve thanks.You say support the engine do you mean the tranmission? I was hoping I could jack it up and drop the tranny. Found a overdrive trans and I hope to pick it up saturday.
A Vandergoot

No, I mean support the engine. If you look at the engine/transmission mounting scheme, there are three mounts. There are left and right hand mounts toward the front of the engine and there is a third mount toward the aft end of the transmission.

If you were to pull the transmission without providing additional support to the engine, things would go unstable, broken motor mounts, possible transmission damage, bad things everywhere.

It can be done by one person, two are nice. If you do it solo, a rolling floor jack under the transmission aimed to roll rearward can help, but isn't an absolute necessity.

A V, in short, one doesn't "drop" the trans in a TR-6 you pull it through the interior....the seats come out easy as does the center dash/radio support. Pull the carpet and center tunnel (all designed with trans removel in mind) and "Viola" there it is a trans for the "picking"
JT White

Got it! Thanks guys.
A Vandergoot

This thread was discussed between 28/01/2013 and 29/01/2013

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