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Triumph TR6 - Tripe ZS Dyno

I've seen some interest in before & after dynos in regards to the triple Z-S setup. I ran across one (kinda) today. It's posted for info.
Brent B

Very informative Brent. How would one go about estimating flywheel HP figures from this data? Also, it would be interesting to see the effect (if any) from forcing 70 mph air into the ram air induction system.

Thanks for sharing the info.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Brent, I am hoping this summer to have enough material to write an article for our club magazine on dyno testing; I would like your permission to include this information.
You can really see the extra 800 rpm obtained by the cam and induction modifications; also I am sdure you are right about the mixture problem, once corrected the 1972 car will be stronger at the low end as well as the top of the rev range.
My estimate would be that 110 rear wheel hp would be 135-140 at the clutch, in modern, net hp. Dynojet claims all their units read within 2% of each other, so it is interesting to compare with the 91rwhp and 123lb.ft. of torque for Shane Ingate's 1974 TR6, with a few mild mods. I am planning to test my TR4a again later this summer, got 91rwhp and 114lb.ft. a couple of years back.
Simon Rasmussen

Simon - It's not my information to "give". You can probably track down the originator from

Brent B

This thread was discussed on 18/05/2004

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