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Triumph TR6 - Triple Weber Conversion

I am looking for a triple weber conversion for my 73 TR6. I would consider a good used setup or new. I would appreciate any information reguarding triple Webers.
Jeffrey Palya

I have a set of almost new* set of triple Webers 40DCOE that are available. The set comes with k/n filters but lacking a manifold for a has a manifold for a 240z . Make me an offer. I was going to use them in my 6 but now do not want to spend the $$ for headers and a new free-flow exhaust system not to mention that gas in this part of North America costs $3.30 a gallon for premium ($.825/l)

*the units were installed on a 240z but never used and eventually the race car project was abandoned due to structure problems later found in the vehicle

Hello Butch,

A NEW Tripple Weber Cannon kit is for sale on eBay right now for 5 days. The seller is starting at $750 US. Here's the link.

I'm tempted myself but decided to stay married for a while longer.

John Parfitt

This thread was discussed between 09/09/2002 and 12/09/2002

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