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Triumph TR6 - Triple Weber DCOE Conversion

Does anyone have any experience in converting a TR6 to triple webers. I have heard that this is the only way to make power on a modified engine.

Go to top this BBS to ARCHIVE ( search word CARB)and you will see this has been discussed before. If not satisfied with all means ask again.
Rick Crawford

The triple Weber conversion is not the only way to make power on a modified engine. It pretty much boils down to the type of modifications made. If you have an engine modified to the point that the Webers are the only way for it to make power, then you have built an engine that is not going to be happy on the street. Remember that 25 years ago when the TR6 ran D Prod in SCCA, it had to use a pair of either SU or ZS carbs. Now they are permitted to run 40 DCOE triple set ups.

On the other hand, there is nothing that says the Webers cannot be used on a streetable engine. The key is in the set up and this is going to vary somewhat by where you are and the level of modifications. If you are considering going the triple DCOE route, I suggest that you get a copy of the Passini book (TRF sells it) and/or the Pat Braden book (have seen in local bookstores) and study them first. Also, go out and search the internet for Weber related items. There are several Spitfire sites that have excellent information on fitting the twin 40 DCOE set up to the Spitfire. While the car is different, you will get an idea of what has worked, what hasn't worked and what level of effort is involved. Better to study up first before you part with a lot of brass.

I agree with Steve P.but there is a lot to know about Webers that I couldn't find in the books. The knowledge came from trial & error. Move to Atlanta
and I'll help you ....or you could E-mail me off list.
Mike Munson

I have a triple weber setup on my 73. I find that it has been a dramatic improvement over the stock system. The greater the modifications you do to the "breathing" of your car the more you will get from the conversion. If you have any particular questions about what it takes to make it work well please feel free to contact me.
Micael McLaughlin

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