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TR parts and Triumph parts, TR bits, Triumph Car Spares and accessories are available for TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4, TR4A, TR5, TR6, TR7, TR8, Spitfire and Stag and other TR models are available from British car spares and parts company LBCarCo.

Triumph TR6 - Triumph Reference Books

booksellow Triumph BBS contributors
Ken Shaddock

Triumph World (UK Magazine) available every two months form Chapters etc at around $13.00 Cdn. Good reviews and articles with a sense of humour, and we all have that right!

lw gilholme

How to restore Triumph TR5/250/6, by Roger Williams
How To Improve Triumph TR5, 250, and 6, by Roger Williams
The Essential Buyer’s Guide – Triumph TR6, by Roger Williams
The Triumph TR, by Graham Robson
Triumph TRs, The Complete Story, by Graham Robson
TR For Triumph, by Chris harvey
Original Triumph TR4/4A/5/6, by Bill Piggott
Triumph TR 4,5,6, by Michael Richards
Triumph Sports Cars, byWilliam Krause
Triumph Buyer's Guide, by Richard Newton
Essential Triumph TR, by David Hodges
Triumph TR6, by William Kimberley
Triumph Cars In America, by Michael Cook
Triumph Cars, by Graham Robson & Richard Langworth
Triumph TR5/250 and TR6 Companion, by Steven Rossi and Ian Clarke

and of course, the Bentley and Haynes repair manuals,

and my personal favorite: Triumph TR250 - TR6 Electrical Maintenance Handbook, by Dan Masters
Dan Masters

Dan, I was going to add my list, but you scooped me! I would add that the most valuable reference (aside from Dan's Electrical Handbook, of course) I've found as I've chased this restoration adventure are the 2 vol set of parts catalogs from TRF. VOL 1 is available, now for a price of about $9.00, I think. Used to be free. VOL II has been out of print and although John has promised that it's in the works, I don't expect to ever see another hard copy. If I recall correctly, we put a digital copy on CDII. Anyone who does not have it, I'll be happy to forward a PDF file.
Doug Baker

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