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Triumph TR6 - Triumphs on track

First let me apologise as a TR4 driver for crashing the TR6 board, but I have also posted this on the TR4 board; its just that this is much more active and I have met several of you in person....

This Saturday, May 29th., felloe Toronto Triumph Club member Del Bruce in his highly modified TR8, and myself in the TR4a will be competing at Shannonville in the Williams Performance Friction Solo 1 Series, in different classes, of course!

The track is about 100 miles east of Toronto, and is the same track the TTC will be using for our track day in July as part of the Canadian classic. Several other interesting cars are registered for the event, including a TVR Tuscan, and spectating is free after signing waivers. Makes a nice days drive if you are so inclined.

Simon Rasmussen

Hey Simon

You are never crashing!!! Sorry I missed this. Have never been to Shannonville will have to try someday.

How did you make out?

Bill Brayford

Had a great time on Saturday, had not met Del before but we marshaled together so had lots of time to talk Triumph, very friendly guy who owns lots of interesting cars.
His TR8 is not as hot as I had been told, a Holley carb and Edelbrock manifold give him an extra 20 bhp and he has stiffer suspension and race tires.
He was faster than me in the morning but the last set of 5 laps I got by him, my time was 60.137; I think Del was 1/10th. of a second slower!
Of course, we were comparing notes and both trying to beat as many of the modern cars as possible.
Overall had a great time!
Simon, 1965 TR4a.
Simon Rasmussen

This thread was discussed between 26/05/2004 and 31/05/2004

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