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Triumph TR6 - Trunnion diagnosis

I have torn the drivers suspension down to replace bushings and ball joints that obviously needed replacement. Have a question about the trunnions though. How does one determine if they are in need of replacement? The nylon bushings were worn and will be replaced but seem to be of enough use to prevent the pivot bolt from causing wear on the trunnion. The internals are another matter. How would I diagnose the internals once opened? The trunnion moves on its axis pretty freely. How much resistance, if any, should be felt here?

Hi Ashley,
I just did my trunnions and found them easy to check and renew, once you have them removed check the brass threads for wear and that there are no brass filings in the bottom section, make sure there is no grease in them as some other owner may have mistakenly put in.
If they turn easliy and don't slop around they are probably ok..Clean them well and before re-installing add 90wt gear oil to about 1/4 way up of the cylinder before screwing the pivot part in. Don't worry if you put in too much oil it will force it's way up and out anyway and it may ooze out for a few days after that till it finds the right level.
You screw them in till you can't go any further then back till you are able to install the stop bolt and then they should move freely. There should be a grease fitting that in future you are able use to add oil
(not grease).
Hope that helps
Charlie Ballard


Also check the condition of the steel disc that forms the bottom of the trunnion. On mine, there was a minor amount of rust on both sides that I attacked with one of those rust conversion sprays.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

How old is the car? Chances are they have never been replaced before. You are in there anyway, you might as well put fresh parts in. If the hardened steel ball joints are worn then soft bronze trunions should be replaced, they have both seen the same amount of action. Once you get the car back on the road you feel the difference knowing that everything is up to spec.
Christopher Trace

This thread was discussed between 31/03/2004 and 05/04/2004

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