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Triumph TR6 - trunnion will not release..

Hello all,

I'm part way through a body off rebuild, just had the chassis back from TRBitz looks amazing, i'm so chuffed. Problem is I'm having trouble dismantling the front suspension, I'm planning to sandblast the components in the next week or so but I cant get the trunnion to release from the second lower wishbone arms after the first are removed... i've taken a photo to illustrate the point, I just dont get why this is happening on both sides, am I missing something, or should I just plus-gas it for longer / hit the bolt harder?? next step is to heat up the trunnion with a blowtorch and hit the bolt.. it just seems strange that both have seized in the same way, when the first arm came off so easily on both sides. I know its been 36 years since they were last removed but it looks in decent condition! Any advice would be really appreciated!


Many thanks,
cje williams


The trunion usually seizes on the bolt pretty good since there is a dowel the bolt goes through which is steel and it corrodes. Lots of WD 40 and twisting is required. Don't do the torch. Don't hit the bolt unless you protect the end with a throw away nut to stop it from mushrooming. A press is usually best and put a throwaway nut on the end. Remember lots of penetrating fluid and patience. Let it soak if you can.

You should be able to unthread the vertical link now from the trunion to make it easier to separate the lower wishbone. I believe it is a left hand thread on one of the trunnions. Don't remember if LHS or RHS.

Good luck
Michael Petryschuk

It has taken 3 weeks but i've finally managed to get them released using your technique, I did end up destroying the bolts but I plan to replace all bolts on the car anyway. Im happy the trunnions and wishbone arms are intact. Many thanks again!
cje williams

Glad you were successful Chris.
Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 05/10/2010 and 19/10/2010

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