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Triumph TR6 - Tyres and shocks.

Well it's done.
New 205/70 R15 Firestones, intended for an XJ6. Overall size is now give or take = to the original 185's. Looks kinda mean too!

Telescopic rear shocks are mounted to the body and have cracked the inner arch!! Has anyone tried the chassis mounted shock bracket with 205/70? I have heard people warn of clearance issues.

I'm running 0 offset chrome wires so the wheels are further out than the steels anyway.

aj mcmurray

For those running non-stock wheels and/or tires: please let me know your setup since I'm looking at alternatives, including 15 x 6 and 16 x 7 Panasports. Particularly interested in any fitment issues. Thanks.

Rick O.
72 Six
Rick Orthen

My set up:

Wheels 15 x 6 Panasport, a very little interference when backing at full lock, enough to scuff a wheel weight, but not anything else.

Street tire 205/70 x 15 Michelin, no problems noted

Autocross tire 205/50 x 15 various, no problems noted. Car is low enough that you can't get a jack under it, I have to drive it on some 2 x 10s at all four corners to get the jack in place. Have thought about going to 15 x 7s and 225/50 x15 but just haven't taken the plunge.

I have seen TR6s with the 16 x 7 wheels with 215/60 x 16 (if remembering correctly). They seemed to work fine as long as the car was at stock ride height, no marks on tires or bodywork. On a lowered car the front tires had been cut a little and the fender lips had been bent.

Dampers are Spax front and uprated rear levers. The car had one of the telescopic kits on it when I bought it in 1988 but one quick look told the engineer in me that dumping suspension loads into sheet metal was not high on the list of desirable things to do. I got those off of there first thing before bad stuff happened.

Thanks Steve. I'm going with 15 x 6 Revolution classic 5-spokes (kinda reminds me of Steve McQueen's Mustang in that late 60's movie of his). I'm hoping someone on this list will tell me that 215/65-15 tires don't protrude beyond the wheel wells too much (there is more tire selection in that size, and the speedo error is only 2.4% high over stock 185's). If the 215's look funky, I'll go with the 205/70's (1.3% speedo error).

Help me out here list!

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I remember seeing 215/65 x 15 with stock wheels on a TR6 several years ago at a British Car Day in Dallas TX. The tires fouled the front fender and had been cut a little. I don't remember if the car had been lowered any contributing to the problem. If you decide to go that route, better check your wheel offset and specific tire maker information closely.

I went with 215/70/ZR15 Pirelli P4000 on stock wheels. No speedo error and no rubbing during normal driving. Very slight rubbing on front at full lock while reversing.

The P4000 is the only Z rated tire mfg'd with a 70 series sidewall and are original equipment the Jaguar grand touring cars.

P4000's are a very high performance touring tire with very low sidewall deflection for a 70 series as they run at 44 psi. I know these are not an autocross tire.

I wanted to not reduce my gear ratio running a smaller tire and I also didn't want a whole lot of speedo error. The P4000's transformed the car - fantastic handling tire as you'd expect from Z rated rubber.

I'm running Koni's at the hardest setting on the front and KYB's on the rear. Stock springs all around. Poly bushings all around and big thick swaybars front and rear.

John Parfitt
Calgary, Canada.
John Parfitt

I have heard from one of the distributors of the new coil over shock conversion kit that he has heard of cracked arches. I have the conversion and have had no problem after 3000 miles. But I am going to weld on reinforcements this winter.

Rick O.,
I have 215/65R15 Pirelli P6000, on 15x6 Panasports.
No problems with rubbing or clearance.
However, have new springs, shocks, poly bushings
all around.
Christopher Trace

I'm running 16x7 Panasports with 205/60 Dunlop A2 Sporttires. No clearance problems at all. I need to use these tires because of the coral/limestone based aggregate used in our road paveing material here...can get really slick.

J.T. Cruz

This thread was discussed between 08/11/2002 and 12/12/2002

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