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Triumph TR6 - U-Joint R&R

I've got the trans out of my '71 (replacing clutch, etc.) and am having a devil of a time with this U-Joint. I've got the spring retaining clips out but the caps are stuck solid.

I've tried penetrating oil & 2 different pullers. I'm getting tempted to try cutting the U-Joint but that's a tough task, too.

Any ideas are welcome. Thank you in advance.
EC Smith


I have had reasonably good success with the following.

Wire brush the ends to get any crud and rust out of the way so the plug (end cap) will be able to actually slide. Clean the surface as much as possible. Remove the circlips.

Take a socket that is just a bit larger than the plug of the U joint. Place the opposite 2 ends of the U joint on 2 pieces of 2 by 4 (or 4 by 4) on the floor or on a hard surface. Place the socket on the U joint end facing up and hammer the socket. The wood gives a surface to support the U joint and to hit against but doesn't damage the U joint. The socket allows the plug to push up into the socket and prevents any damage to the U joint. The cross of the U joint will push up the plug doing it this way. Eventually the plug will rise enough and can be removed. Repeat the procedure for the other sides.

Hopefully this is somewhat clear.

Good luck.
Michael Petryschuk

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a shot at adapting it to my situation.

I still have the driveshaft in the car. I've tried a variation on the socket trick but haven't positioned it for use by a big 'fine adjustment wrench'. Fortunately, I have a big ball-peen, and hand sledge and heavy artillary!
EC Smith

In thinking this through, I may just drill a 2x4 with a hole just bigger than the U-joint cap and use a wooden dowel and/or old socket to drive the other end through.

EC Smith

This thread was discussed between 24/10/2010 and 25/10/2010

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