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Triumph TR6 - U-joints New and 'Un-proved'

I ordered 6 replacement U-joints from LBCar Co. only to find they are missing the grease fitting channels and fitting. They are one solid forged part with the roller beariing caps. Given that removing the drive shaft is a PITA Royale, I would rather have the grease fittings available and accessible. So; I can either send them back and get the proper ones or drill out the channels and tap a grease fitting in place. The cost was $14/ as apposed to the $40/cost elsewhere. No wonder they were cheap.

Any thoughts on this latest folly ...?


Folly, that depends.
If you drive your baby two to three thousand miles per year then those nippless u-jionts are fine.
You will be dead before they sieze( I'd have to check
the TR's For Old Guys thread to find out your age and extrapolate your remaining years).
I went for U's with a nipples cause I like to get underneath the car, but there is a nipple you can not get to because of the rubber boot that covers the
sliding half shaft. With alot of pushing and grunt you can bend it enough to squirt some grease in but as I say probably doesn't matter that much if they are new.
I have sealed U's on my cargo van that have 300,000KMs
and are fine.
Christopher Trace

Thanks Chris, good point. (but I'm not THAT old). I'll fill the caps with a good grease and use the sealed joints. SHould get a few more summers out of them.
B Chamberlain

Hi Bryn
You can't grease the outer driveshaft joints without removing the shaft anyway.
R. Algie

This thread was discussed between 20/05/2004 and 21/05/2004

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