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Triumph TR6 - universal joints

Your help would be greatly appreciated. I'm having trouble getting the bearing caps out of the universal joints. I have the half shaft out and on the workbench, no problem there. I tried tapping the yoke with a copper hammer but it didn't work. I started to lose patience and started to hit the yoke harder so I thought I'd better quit before I did any damage. I don't want to ruin the yoke by beating on it. There's no better teacher than experience so how about educating me? What's a good way of doing this job? Thanks guys...
Jim Klesius
J.P. tr6man

I have used a VERY LARGE C CLAMP. I believe its' original intended purpose is to press ball joints. Another trick is to put a socket of suitable size against the bearing cap in a vice.
Heat has been know to help and maybe an overnight soak with WD40.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


I use a 1/2 drive socket that is just big enough to fit around the yoke but allow the end cap to move into the socket. I then take (2) 2 by 4s and place them on the floor with the 4 inch side upright just wide enough apart so i can rest the opposite u-joint yoke on them. I place the opposite yoke of the u-joint on the 2 by fours. I then hammer lightly on the socket with it placed on the yoke facing up. The end cap will move up into the socket. Using wood makes that the weak spot such that the yoke is not damaged. The wood must be high enough such that the bottom side of the u-joint isn't hitting the floor (or bench if you are working on one)

It might help to join the 2 by fours so they stay apart the right width and do not fall down.

If you understand this I will be amazed. It would be a look easier with a picture. the yoke.

Have fun.

Contact me at if ou want a better description. Drop the AT and DOT and you get my e-mail address.

Mike Petryschuk
Georgetown Ontario
Michael S. Petryschuk

I put it in a vise and use a punch on one piece of the u-joint "cross" and drive a side out with a 4 lb hammer. Once there is a gap a smaller punch can be slipped in to drive out the caps.

Brent B

btdt, I do 99% of my own work except I pay $10 each to have them changed at the driveshaft shop. Worth every penny and you know the job is done right (they even guarantee it!)

The only thing i would add is to run a dremel with a wire brush around the circlip area. Gets pretty gritty in there and does not take much to prevent the caps from coming off.
Good luck
Mitch Smith

Excellent point Mitch.
Michael S. Petryschuk

Oh yeah... On the subject of "other" stuff - I think it's a good idea to use a pipe cleaner/wire and cloth to get the shop grease out of the cross and caps. Then of course refill with your good grease. I got tired of worrying about the 1 or 2 caps that never seemed to get grease from the gun.
Brent B

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