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Triumph TR6 - Unleaded Gas and Additives

Anyone using a lead additive? I get mixed messages with some saying we LBC owners don't do enough driving (in northern US and Canada, except maybe Washington state and BC) to worry about it. Some say yes, I add lead to my fuel.

This is sort of like the Zinc in the oil discussion. One shop I dealt with in BC recommends Lucas Oil Additive, one quart in every oil change. It pours like I remember STP pouring. They say the zinc in the oil issue is primarily an MG issue (on #3 cyl) and those us us with Triumphs driven on sunny days needn't worry.

What say you on adding lead to unleaded gasoline? The valve seats were not replaced with hardened ones when the engine was rebuilt in my 6.


PS Have fun at BCD 9/21 for those who are going. I'd love to be there but have to skip this year.
Ken Shaddock

Ken, you will get many opinions on this one, and remember what they say about opinions!
For me the 4 bucks i spend for lead substitute per tank of gas maybe does nothing but give me piece of mind but its my 4 bucks right?



ps: further to your other thread about the hardtop, you could also try the classified section of the BC triumph registry...
Mitch Smith

Right on Mitch... 4 bucks for peace of mind is worth it. If I burn 10 to 15 tanks of gas a year I've blown $40 to $60 on the year! Less than two cases of beer.

I hope to enjoy this car until the government indirectly takes the hobby of old cars away so I'll be looking after it.


Ken Shaddock

This thread was discussed between 19/09/2008 and 20/09/2008

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