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Triumph TR6 - Unwanted

Having great problems unloading the 6 project.
Getting this thought that it will go to a crusher before I leave
Don Kelly

Can not believe My ears Don.
Rick Crawford

Getting pretty worried, Rick
Don Kelly

Y'all have a moving date yet?
Doug Baker

My wife's boss won't establish a start date for her replacement and until then she can't get a start date for the new job.
So until that is done the relo people can't contact us.
I want the house on the market by the end of the month for the 4th of July.
Need to be in Charley's town by first week of Aug so my boy can get use to the area before he starts school on the 22nd.
Don Kelly

Don, you got mail.
Doug Baker

don't do something you might regret later on.
Just leave it for now and get back to it later on when you will be in a better position.
Kypros Christodoulides

I would love to but can't.We are relocating and I can only have 4 cars transported.
The 6 makes 5
It has to go
Don Kelly

Are the other 4 cars as interesting as the TR6?
Sell one of them euroboxes and keep the TR.
Kypros Christodoulides


Why not drive one of the more reliable vehicles? I don't know where you are moving to, so it might be impractically far, but when I moved NJ to TX (about 1650 miles), I drove one "sensible" car down, then flew back (via Australia, but you get the point) and drove the other one down. Lots of fun and interesting to see a bit more of the country. I paid for a truck to take my TR6 and Stag - no way I was spending 30+ hours listening to the Monza exhaust on the TR6, and the Stag didn't have any brakes or engine. Not that expensive, though - door to door service was under $1200 for both cars.

Just an idea
A Hewitt

Alistair- Seattle to Charleston SC.
Since the 6 isn't running that basically makes it a no go for shipping.
I would also probably have to pay to ship all the extra parts. And there are a lot
Don Kelly

Don, Don, Don...U-Haul!!! Trailer the 6 behind one of hte others. Your wedge maybe!! That'd probably get AP or at least CNN coverage:-)
Doug Baker

Hey Don

When we moved from Canada to St Louis and then back again, our moving company drove my 68 Spitfire onto the moving truck right at the back and carried it that way.

Officially you don't have a car- you have a project and parts. Maybe the moving company can bend the 4 cars max rule.

Not sure how you are getting from Seattle to SC but a u-haul car trailer one way drop off is something like $85-100. You can see how I transported mine in parts attached. And yes all the parts but the seats are in it.

Just hate to see this car be relegated to the scrap bin. Unfortunately I am not looking for a project car. I already have one waiting.

Good luck -hopefully a buyer will come along. Maybe you can leave it with a neighbor on consignment and small commission until a buyer comes along.

Michael Petryschuk

Have you an after photo or is your 6 still awaiting resurrection?
Doug Baker

Hi Doug

Actually I do not have a digital photo of the 69 TR6 I have waiting for me to start rebuild. I bought it 4 years ago as a parts car but haven't really used any parts from it. It is essentially complete but the frame, rockers, A posts are rusted through- typical thorough TR6 corrosion. It is partially disaaembled. It is (in my opinion) an ugly orange colour. The car is in storage at my parents apple orchard butler building. It doesn't have overdrive. (scanned picture attached)

My main driver (after picture) is in next post. This is the car that is the before picture I attached a couple of days ago. I did this car from June 2002 to June 2005.

Michael Petryschuk

Here is my main driver after 1119.5 hours (approximately) of personal labour from 2002 to 2005.

This car was originally jasmine yellow , then silver (as in the before picture above June 13 post) and is now "deep burgundy"

Michael Petryschuk

Wonderful job of restoration. I got my -6 in 2003 and have been working on it off and on ever since. Sometimes mostly off like the almost 2 years I lost with a body guy who seemed to never be able to get to it. I quit keeping up with the hours, but I'm sure that it's far more than 1100, more like several 1,000, I'm sure and I'm just now where I can soon aniticpate starting the reassembly process. Everything is stripped, the body is ready for paint and the frame is awaiting a couple of parts before beginning it's journey through the sand blaster to the powder coat shop!!
Doug Baker

Thanks Doug

My wife was a car restoration widow for most of the 3 years as I spent a lot of weekends working on it to finish as quickly as possible and get it on the road. I was obsessed. Good luck with your project.
Michael Petryschuk

Crush the TR8 - keep the 6.
Bob Evans

This thread was discussed between 10/06/2012 and 16/06/2012

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