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Triumph TR6 - upper fulcrum pin orientation

I've rebuilt the front suspension on my 74 TR6. When I lowered it to the ground with wheels on, there was an obvious large negative camber. The poor thing looks like a griaffe with its legs splayed. I oriented the upper fulcrum pins as shown in Practical Classics TR6 Restoration with the curve toward the engine. However, I have a left-over piece of a front assembly I got for parts from a junk yard and it has the pin positioned the opposite.

Best I can tell from catalog and manual pictures, the junk yard is correct. There are 3 shims in each of the lower wishbones that were there before I tore it apart and I just put them back when I bolted everything back on.

Can someone tell me if they are on correctly or reversed?

E Fluder

According to my original edition shop manual which actually shows a top view of the Upper Fulcrum pins in place, you have installed them correctly. The curve is in towards the engine to allow more room for the top mount of the damper (aka shock absorber)

Sounds like those old bushings were really tired.

Sid Turner

Somewhere in the neurons that fired around 1992, something is telling me that they are handed - ie one for the Left and one for the Right. Are they stamped L & R? - maybe on the underside?

There is a subtle difference in the position of the bolt holes in relation to the midpoint of the front and rear bushes - sorry, can't remember any more............hic
Roger H

You have them the wrong way round, the curve of the fulcrum should go the illogical way ie. concave towards the engine, the way you have them was correct for the older TR4s etc. Only thing I would add is it doesn't make a huge difference to the camber so if you correct it you might still have a problem.
R. Algie

Ben there, done that!! Agree with R looks wrong, but is correct. The ONLY way I could get [camber] specs corrected was to pull the top fulcrum pins and reverse the orientation. Doing this moved the centre line of the pins outward approx. 1/4 in. thus correcting the problem nicely.About a 3 beer job if my memory serves me correctly. GOOD LUCK!! [Car is a '76 TR-6 in my case]



Thanks guys. Glad R Algie pointed out the difference in years...makes sense now...3 beers...I better get 4 just in case.
E Fluder

This thread was discussed on 04/05/2005

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