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Triumph TR6 - Used clutch cores- where to send them in Ontario?

Do any of my Canadian counterparts know where I can return a used Spitfire and a used TR6 clutch pressure plate and disc for a possible core charge reimbursment?

I hate to throw them out if they can be reconditioned.

Thanks for you help.

Mike Petryschuk
Georgetown ON
Michael S. Petryschuk

Can not say I have heard of this at all. I got a set also.

Getting ready for Bronte?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hi Rick,

Yep, getting ready for Bronte. Sorted out my parts and will bring the smaller ones with me to see if anybody needs them.

Are you available to go as a procession? I can offer an even more interesting route through Halton this year if interested.

Michael S. Petryschuk

Hi Guys,

Any idea where a fella can get an original clutch/pp rebuilt/resurfaced?

I am installing a new clutch sometime in the next few weeks and after all I've read online I'm not too optimistic about the new parts lasting (or even working). Just thought it might be a good idea to get my old parts rebuilt for next present set up works beautifully, light pedal and no chatter, but it's starting to slip at speed.

Rob...looking forward to my first trip to Bronte!
Niagara Falls Ontario
Rob Brophy

Hi guys

Try (they are in Florida, I think). They sold me a LUK kit and then when I got tired of waiting for the UPS man to bring it and enquired where it was, they explained that they wouldn't have any stock until at least November, but they did offer to re-line my old clutch plate, so I guess they do it. Cost was comparable with a new plate from most of the normal vendors. Whether I would go to them after they essentially ignored my order for a couple of weeks, I don't know, but if you aren't in a rush...

In case anyone cares, I just fitted the Sachs/Koyo kit from BPNW - from what I can tell it is exactly the same parts as TRF sells as the Magic Clutch Kit, but almost $100 cheaper. I've only driven a few miles on it, but I am very happy with the pedal weight and bite point.

Hope that helps someone

This thread was discussed between 27/08/2006 and 28/08/2006

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